Parts and service predictions

July 30, 2014
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Yesterday, we sent the annual parts and service issue of our magazine DOTmed HealthCare Business News to the printer. I believe it's one of our best issues ever. We devoted nearly 50 pages and close to 20,000 words to the subject.

We reached out to almost 200 professionals in the industry and got some great content and comments. We talked to OEMs, ISOs and providers. We covered the topic from every angle and we know you're going to love it.

The issue also has an interview with that bon vivant man-about-town Ed Sloan. Ed had some good suggestions about ways to help lower the cost of health care. I thought as long as he had this bright idea, he might as well be the first person featured in our new monthly column, "Cost Containment Corner." Ed's ideas are sound and I think they could be a step in the right direction.

As I finish this week's Jacobus Report, I want to remind you of what Teddy Roosevelt said, "Believe you can and you're halfway there."