InSightive Analytics gives
users a powerful new
data analysis tool

Varian rolls out InSightive Analytics at ASTRO, an interactive visualization solution

September 18, 2014
by Robert Garment, Executive Editor
ASTRO is the most important show of the year for Varian Medical Systems, and they didn't disappoint all those who came to see new major product launches from the company.

Among the many new products DOTmed saw showcased at their booth was InSightive Analytics, a powerful data visualization tool built on an interactive dashboard.

InSightive Analytics lets users of Varian's ARIA oncology information system attain better clinical decision-making and outcomes because they can quickly access and analyze data acquired during clinical and administrative operations. Special templates allow oncologists to bring up and display key health care metrics across the hospital or hospital network. Data can be collected on payor mix, referral sources, operational performance, patient volume, patient zip codes, physician volumes, and more. Data can be benchmarked against historical data for trend analysis.

"ARIA is a robust practice management and medical records system with a tremendous amount of information that can be mined and analyzed. Its goal is to help providers enhance the quality of care and clinical operations at any given site," said Sukhveer Singh, vice president of Varian's Oncology Continuum Solutions. "Many customers use ARIA to become paperless clinics, so all the data that was once handwritten on paper charts is now captured on the ARIA system. ARIA also makes it possible to import data from other hospital information systems, providing a very rich resource that can be mined for actionable knowledge. InSightive Analytics provides access to this data in, making it visible and useful."

Discovering new patterns and trends
InSightive Analytics will help health care providers discover patterns and trends quickly, enabling informed, data-driven decisions. Users can pre-program dashboards to generate reports on a routine schedule. Graphs and tables can be exported for presentation.

Often departmental administrators try to make important decisions based on MediCare billing data that could be months old, and often only includes some 40-60 percent of the patient population. InSightive Analytics pulls directly from the ARIA database as patients receive their treatments, so users have up-to-date information and can use it to identify opportunities for enhancing clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

"We know that cancer care professionals are under pressure to control health care costs while improving coordination and quality outcomes," said Kolleen Kennedy, president of Varian's Oncology Systems business. According to Kennedy, InSightive Analytics will help utilize information gathered from big data mining and new developments in informatics to improve evidence-based care.

Next week, DOTmed will report on several other Varian technology and software that support knowledge sharing among oncology professionals, including RapidPlan, a software tool that uses historical treatment data to increase plan quality and streamline the treatment planning process, Qumulate QA, a cloud-based quality assurance tool for analyzing and benchmarking linear accelerator QA performance, and Velocity oncology software for compiling patient images and treatment data.

*InSightive Analytics is a work-in-progress and not yet available for sale.