Kentucky Trailer acquired Advanced Mobility - what does this tell you?

October 29, 2014
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Our online news this week includes a story about Kentucky Trailer's acquisition of Advanced Mobility. This is great news for the people at Kentucky Trailer. Bob Bachman, the president of Advanced Mobility, has probably forgotten more about medical trailers than most people know and he has a long history in the trailer industry.

We have covered this in our online news. Here is a link to the story: Kentucky Trailer acquires Advanced Mobility

This consolidation leaves fewer players in the medical trailer business. Both Kentucky Trailer and Advanced Mobility saw some synergy in working together.

However, all of this is encouraging to me because I believe there is going to be a surge in mobile imaging. This move by smart money supports that belief.

It is no secret that people have been forced to hold on to their equipment longer and there is less money to go around. In some ways, it reminds me a little bit of the 90s. In order to save money, providers shared resources. First, there was a flurry of mobile CT, then mobile MR.

I would not be surprised to see this happen again.

Even though it is easier to install equipment today than it was 20 years ago, having a mobile around makes the transition easier.

I hope I am right that this acquisition signals a turn in the market.