A sign of increased medical equipment sales?

January 07, 2015
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Anyone who drives a car knows that the price of oil is down. We hear about it on television and read it in newspapers and see it at the pumps.

The dollar is stronger than it has been in the last few years, probably because world markets expect to see greater spending in the U.S. because lower fuel costs means that the average American has more disposable income.

Does this finally signal increased medical equipment sales?

You have read our news; you know equipment is getting older. The average CT scanner is older, the average MR scanner is older, health care providers during the last few years have purchased less equipment and are holding on to what they have for longer periods. Most people agree that this is because there is less money going around and people have to do more with less.

Will the world price of oil change that?

Last year, I predicted that sales of high-end equipment had to increase not only because there have been advances in equipment technology, but also because there is greater demand from patients. I felt that it had to happen because of my mantra that more people are alive and living longer and the current technology just cannot keep up. I hope that this change in the world financial market signals the beginning of that other change.