Check your checklists

January 28, 2015
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
It is that time of year again. The end of January and I want to remind everyone about the value of making lists for themselves.

There is not a person out there reading this who would disagree with me that making a list is a good idea, but how many of us do it religiously?

While making a list is a great thing, it does not do us any good if we do not look at the list everyday and try to knock things off that list.

If you are anything like me, your list seldom gets shorter but, at least, things come and go as you get them done.

Making a list, reading it and getting things done is great for your health as well since having a plan and keeping organized, can help to reduce stress.

The end of January is a great time to do it. You have finished last year, you are starting on this year and making your 2015 list. In addition to the routine things that you need to accomplish, you can also make a list of unique goals and objectives for this year.

It seems sort of simple, like brushing your teeth or flossing, but it gives you a tremendous feeling of satisfaction to know that you have a plan and that you are working towards accomplishing important goals and objectives and tasks.