Don Bogutski

What are friends for?

April 29, 2015
Whether you're a CEO, an entrepreneur, a department manager, or a parent — nobody has all the answers.

Last night at dinner I heard a physician talk about how important it is to discuss cases with fellow physicians. It could be interpreting the image or a patient's symptoms or treatment plan, but discussing with a colleague helps clarify things.

This is true in business as well.

My friend Don Bogutski and I both had to attend a meeting in Washington so we decided to drive down together. In addition to our usual childish banter when we get together, I had the chance to discuss some issues with Don which were on my mind. Don helped me clarify some things during the ride.

When you discuss issues or challenges with a friend you'll usually get good advice. Your friends are happy to help and it is much better than going it alone.

Most of the time when I take a car service to JFK I call the same driver. He has a theory that everyone needs help from someone. Whether it's Bill Gates or the young person that mows your lawn, he feels that everybody needs help from someone at one time or another.

My point? Don't be afraid to reach out for help and don't think you are better than the next person.