Cindy and Phil

When a valued employee moves on

July 15, 2015
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
At one time or another, all of us have had an employee leave and had to face the challenges of replacing that person. It is never convenient and it is always a pain.

This week, my longtime assistant Cindy Kwan left to go back to graduate school and I could not help but think back to when I was young and wanted to go to work somewhere else so I could improve my situation.

Actually, although I was disappointed that Cindy left, I am happy for her and in a way I am happy for myself because it means I have helped another person to grow and expand.

I think back now about the different people that I know and that I have assisted over the years. Many of them are quite successful — and a number of them have helped me from time to time. In fact, it is because of the people who have helped me over the years that I am the person I am today.

Each time you help a person grow you build up good karma for yourself. For businesses that watch a valued employee move on to bigger and better things, it's the same kind of positive exchange.

In the end, I think it is the responsibility of older people to help younger people and if you have that attitude, then there is a good chance that your business, whatever it may be, or your department, whatever it is, will grow and expand.