RSNA Product Showcase

November 19, 2016
RADspeed Pro EDGE Package Shimadzu Medical Systems USA
Hall A, Booth 2548

The Shimadzu RADspeed Pro EDGE is our Next Generation radiographic system featuring advanced applications as well as real-world everyday, usage. A ceiling-traversing overhead X-ray tube crane has an auto-positioning feature for up to 800 registered anatomical programs using a single button command that can also automatically set the X-ray tube angle. A next generation collimator, LED equipped, with APR filter presets reduces radiation dose. Tomosynthesis is offered as an option for Emergency Medicine and orthopedic imaging to name a few of the uses. Obese patients are safely accommodated with a Bucky table that supports up to 650 lbs.

xSPECT Quant Siemens Healthineers
Hall A, Booth 1936

At RSNA 2016, Siemens Healthineers showcases an expanded version of xSPECT Quant, an established single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) quantification technology that enables users of the company’s Symbia Intevo SPECT/CT system to perform automated, accurate and reproducible quantification of not just Technetium-99m — the most common isotope in SPECT imaging — but also, for the first time, Iodine-123, Lutetium-177 and Indium-111. This extends the use of advanced SPECT quantification from general nuclear medicine and bone studies to indications including neurological disorders, neuroendocrine tumors, neuroblastoma and metastatic prostate cancer.

Hall B, Booth 6015

The new SPINEL 3G high performance mobile surgical C-arm replaces the widely popular KMC 950 and features 9” or 12” I.I., expanded 135° orbital rotation for a full 45° overscan, larger 800mm free space, touchscreen C-arm control, premium cart with twin elevating high resolution 19” LCD monitors, third monitor support and smart CXView 3.0 software with DSA cine peripheral angiography functions and virtual collimation. The 300kHU rotating anode tube supports a wide exposure range with Boost Mode (up to 20mA) and Pulse Mode (up to 30FPS). The system provides added stability with Back-Up Fluoro (in case of PC failure), 500 GB memory and RAID 1 storage, plus full PACS connectivity and DICOM 3.0 compatible USB port, DVD burner and optional printer.

MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 Version Shimadzu Medical Systems USA
Hall A, Booth 2548

Shimadzu’s newest, most highly advanced mobile system, the MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 is designed for extreme versatility and flexibility. Featuring the ability to view images only two seconds after exposure, a larger LCD monitor, more storage space and outstanding drivability and maneuverability, provide powerful support for health care applications. This fully integrated digital DR portable system offers Shimadzu’s Panel Neutral philosophy, in which institutions can choose from a variety of DR panels to match their department needs.

Hall B, Booth 7923

MedInformatix is committed to developing tomorrow’s health care information technology today. Our signature RIS V7.6 seamlessly integrates with any PACS, HIS or Lab system; and is physician, patient and practice centric; delivering more of what today’s busy radiology professionals are looking for. More intuitive interfaces. More efficient workflows. More engaging functionality for physicians and patients. More robust collections. Whether it’s a single physician clinic, a multi-location practice or one of the busiest diagnostic centers in the country, RIS V7.6 scales to meet the needs of your growing practice.

Acuity DR™ Bayer Multi Vendor Service
Hall A, Booth 2529

Acuity DR™ — the high-quality, easy-to-use upgrade — from Bayer Multi Vendor Service. This cassette-sized detector features cutting edge DR wireless technology to easily transform a conventional X-ray room into an efficient, digital radiology suite. This lightweight, completely portable detector is designed to acquire images in less than 3 seconds and can lead to increased patient throughput, as compared to previous technologies, including CR and analog. Direct capture technology can help reduce scintillator blurring. With wireless image transfer, a multi-channel room sharing interface, automatic exposure detection and outstanding image quality, Acuity DR™ is a reliable, cost-effective solution for digital radiography. To learn more about the Acuity DR™ detector, contact your Bayer Multi Vendor Service Representative.

teamplay Siemens Healthineers
Hall A, Booth 1936

teamplay, the cloud-based network, helps you to securely connect, compare and collaborate. It provides you with transparent key metrics for your modality fleet and gives you fast, easy and secure access. teamplay’s focus on key metrics helps you to easily identify best-practice scenarios to standardize both operations and high quality of care.

Discovery IQ PET/CT System Mobile Advanced Mobility and Smit Mobile Equipment B.V. by Kentucky Trailer
Hall A, Booth 5136

Mobilizing your medical mission with cost-effective, global, innovative engineering solutions and technology, Advanced Mobility and Smit Mobile Equipment B.V. by Kentucky Trailer are your certified OEM partners to manufacture and recondition MRI, PET/CT and CT environments. Advanced Mobility and Smit Mobile Equipment are approved vendors for Mobile MRI, PET/CT and CT medical units for GE, Phillips, Siemens and Toshiba, serving the largest health care modalities for diagnostic and treatment providers worldwide.

Cardinal CT Tube Varian Medical Systems
Hall A, Booth 4301

The Cardinal CT tube is being designed into new CT equipment and is also a direct replacement for the Stargate/CTR-2150 tube used in Philips Brilliance 6® and 16 CT scanners. The Cardinal has a high heat capacity with excellent image quality and throughput allowing for quicker imaging.

GOPView XR2Plus with extended OEM Tuning Tool ContextVision
Hall B, Booth 7208

ContextVision’s gold standard image enhancement solution for digital radiography enables excellent image quality results, great durability and robustness in daily use. GOPView XR2Plus enables a fast and precise workflow by making images easier to read through adaptive enhancement of structures in the image and simultaneous suppression of noise. The OEM Tuning Tool offers X-ray system manufacturers flexibility in parameter optimization and tuning to satisfy various preferences, empowering the end-user. It also provides the utmost in image processing quality and guarantees competitiveness to the OEM by providing the ability to quickly fine-tune parameters after a system modification. When image quality is the core competence, the OEM Tuning Tool improves and maintains control of image processing parameters for true customer satisfaction.

MCS 8064 Replacement X-Ray Tube Varian Medical Systems
Hall A, Booth 4301

The MCS 8064 X-ray tube is an anode end grounded (AEG) replacement X-ray tube for the GE LightSpeed® VCT scanner offering lower life cycle costs. The MCS-8064 was designed with Varian's experience of manufacturing 30,000 anode end grounded CT tubes over 20+ years. The MCS-8064 installs and calibrates on the LightSpeed® VCT like the original OEM tube.

RadiForce MX215 EIZO
Hall A, Booth 3706

EIZO’s RadiForce MX215 is an ideal monitor for viewing medical images in the clinical review environment. With a built-in calibration sensor, you are assured of the most accurate and consistent images possible. With FDA 510(k) clearance and a 5-year warranty, EIZO’s Radiforce line offers true peace of mind. The MX215 also adheres to the strict NY State PDM luminance guidelines, warrantied at 280 cd/m2.

TomoSpot Beekley Medical
Hall A, Booth 5124

Architectural distortion from older surgical sites seen in digital breast tomosynthesis creates questions that can lead to additional and unnecessary workups. Specifically designed, tested and proven to image with minimal artifact in 3D mammography, TomoSpot® for marking scars helps you correlate architectural distortion from prior biopsy sites by delineating the exact location of incision.

Drive Patient Drinking Compliance in CTE or MRE with Breeza™ flavored beverage for neutral abdominal/pelvic imaging Beekley Medical
Hall A, Booth 5124

New Breeza flavored beverage for neutral abdominal/pelvic imaging’s light, refreshing, lemon-lime flavor and appealing bottle help encourage drinking compliance and improve satisfaction for patients undergoing enterography exams in CT (CTE) or MR (MRE) to drink the full amount. Sugar-free and gluten-free, Breeza™ flavored beverage for neutral abdominal/pelvic imaging is sold in cases of twenty-four 500mL bottles. Each case comes with straws and patient labels for the convenience of your staff and your patients.

RadiForce RX850 EIZO
Hall A, Booth 3706

RadiForce RX850, an 8.8-megapixel true multi-modality monitor that received FDA 510(k) clearance for mammography and general radiography. That means you can read all modalities, including breast imaging, on one screen, save costs for a dedicated mammography workstation as well as save time by eliminating the need to move from one workstation to another. According to a clinical study by Dr. Krupinski at the University of Arizona, the RX850 was found to significantly improve reader efficiency 10 percent faster compared with the conventional 5-megapixel mammography displays. With this multi-modality monitor you can view numerous medical images on one screen with exceptional accuracy, thus streamlining your workflow and maximizing productivity.

OEC 9800 LCD Retrofit kit Ampronix Medical Imaging Technology
Hall B, Booth 7708

Ampronix, a world-class manufacturer of innovative medical technology, announces the availability of its new LCD retrofit kit for the popular OEC 9800 mobile C-Arm. OEC 9800 Retrofit allows users to replace the old displays on their OEC 9800 mobile C-Arm with new dual 20.1” grayscale LED LCDs. The OEC 9800 Retrofit’s innovative design gives users the flexibility to perform the installation in the field in one hour or less. The new LCD displays come mounted on an articulating arm giving the mobile C-Arm unit even more versatility and freedom. Paired with increased brightness (900 cd/m2) and detail (1500:1 contrast ratio), as well as a 178o/o vertical/horizontal viewing angle, the OEC 9800 Retrofit provides users a way to drastically increase the life of their mobile C-Arm, creating significant time and cost savings.

Ergo Tier EFX AFC Industries
Hall A, Booths 1705; 1605

A Stand-up Desk that Tilts. The Ergo Tier EFX is a stand-up desk that tilts and is designed to offer the radiologist a well-designed, durable, ergonomic workstation that reduces the risk of strain and injury. At the touch of a button, you can electronically raise and lower monitors, set focal lengths and work in sitting, standing or reclining positions. The monitor brackets can support the latest big screens, and with a host of optional features, it can deliver a fully integrated workstation that can accommodate a varied workforce.

VERSAPAXX HD Ampronix Medical Imaging Technology
Hall B, Booth 7708

New VERSAPAXX HD all-in-one screen capture medical device. VERSAPAXX, a unique, all-in-one, 22” touchscreen video/image capture medical device, gives you all the advanced tools for analysis, editing and transferring to a network. The analysis tools such as measurements, DSA, region of interest (ROI) processing and marking, annotations, image processing, pan, zoom and window leveling to name a few give you the ability to take control of the image and video, allowing you to become more than just a spectator. VERSAPAXX is the complete solution for both Surgery and Radiology departments that demand quick and easy image/cine capture and DICOM conversion. It’s compatible with Cath Labs, MRI, CT, RF rooms, Mobile C-arms, PET, Nuclear Medicine, Endoscopes and many more. Compatibility with all types of modalities, supporting both DICOM and non-DICOM machines.

Hall B, Booth 8310

The CCL550i2 is the first 5M color display which has been cleared by the FDA for the use of digital mammography as well as tomosynthesis. As it is a color display, the CCL550i2 can accommodate Ultrasound, CT, MRI and digital mammography images on a single screen. This cost effective solution will enhance performance of image workflow to provide a better experience to the doctors.

Hall A, Booth 3106

JPI Healthcare is announcing our new X-VUE DR SOLUTIONS family of DR “Powered by ExamVue.” We will be showcasing and discussing at the 2016 RSNA meeting. This cost-effective, high quality, CESIUM IODIDE DR upgrade is ideal for Private Practice, Orthopedic, Urgent Care, Chiropractic and Veterinary specialties. AED – Automatic Exposure Detection technology is included, which streamlines install time. The system is available with tethered and wireless panel options. This offers customers high quality digital solutions at affordable cost. We expect to show additional DR and CR product offerings as well. For more information, please visit JPI Healthcare at RSNA.

OT54 Cardio-Angio Ceiling Suspended Shield MAVIG GmbH
Hall A, Booth 2500

The Radial and Femoral Access OT54 CardioAngio Shield combines a larger radiation protective lead acrylic shield with an overlapping flexible lead curtain panel and lays perfectly flush to the patient’s body and stops a significant amount of scatter radiation coming from the patient. The new OT54 has two curved cut-outs to ensure consistent performance for both radial and femoral artery access. Germany’s RöFo publication recently evaluated the efficiency of the OT54 Shield with the flexible lead curtains and noted a dramatic dose reduction of the head and eyes of the operator. When the OT54 Shield is used in combination with the Patient Femoral or Radial Drapes, a further dose reduction is noted. Sterile disposal covers are available for all products noted.

DR Tablet Solution Canon USA, Inc./Virtual Imaging
Hall A, Booth 1135

Virtual Imaging, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., has announced a new DR Tablet Solution1, designed to help health care facilities to easily transition from CR to DR technology in an effective, cost-efficient manner. The new DR Tablet Solution will consist of a tablet2 and choice of a wireless CXDI Digital Radiography (DR) System, which includes CXDI Control Software NE. The CXDI Control Software NE features an auto-detection mode that allows the CXDI detector to automatically detect X-rays for exposure without the use of a typical X-ray generator interface and cables.
1 The DR Tablet Solution will be available for sale by Virtual Imaging, Inc., a Canon U.S.A. company, and its authorized dealers. Availability and specifications subject to change without notice.
2 Will be manufactured by a third party.

Workforce Management Solution for Physician and Staff Scheduling QGenda
Hall A, Booth 2116

QGenda’s automated physician and staff scheduling solution helps radiology groups equalize their coverage and call schedules in one centralized location. QGenda provides easy access, advanced reporting, rules-based configuration and requesting/swapping of shifts online. Additional QGenda features include prioritization of physician workload, travel equality for servicing multiple locations, time/attendance and payroll rules and on-going 24/7 support and training. Make sure you’ve always got the most up-to-date schedule in real time by taking advantage of QGenda’s personal calendar auto-sync (compatible with all calendars) and free native mobile app.

NEW! EVO MRI RF Doors with SIVP Option ETS-Lindgren
Hall A, Booth 3217

ETS-Lindgren’s New EVO Series of MRI RF Doors are designed to provide reliable, easy to open access and low maintenance service for use in a rigorous MRI environment. Featuring concealed RF door contacts, low profile threshold and classroom function hardware, it’s the industry’s HIGHEST-rated STC RF door with a reduction of 49dB at the frequencies of concern. Numerous options/ accessories are available: automatic open/ close, windows, blow-out doors, mag-lock, key pad, manual and pneumatic versions, as well as a Safe IV Port (SIVP). SIVP allows infusion pumps to remain fully connected to the patient, saving time, maintaining comfort and decreasing the chance of infection.

Ziehm Vision RFD 3D Ziehm Imaging
Hall B, Booth 6119

Ziehm Vision RFD 3D. The revolution in 3D imaging. Ziehm Vision RFD 3D is the only 3D C-arm worldwide with flat-panel technology that provides a 16 cm edge length per scan volume. It combines 2D and 3D functionality to offer maximum ease-of-use. Available with a 30 cm x 30 cm flat-panel, the C-arm offers game-changing 3D imaging and is ideally suited for orthopedics, traumatology and spinal surgery, but also for demanding cardio-vascular hybrid applications.

Imagex Medicom
Hall B, Booth 6155

Join the fastest-growing image exchange network to accelerate patient care and improve your facility’s workflow. Medicom provides a new, all-in-one image exchange platform that replaces traditional methods for image sharing. Medicom’s peer-to-peer protocol facilitates the fastest and most secure image transmission methods technologically available. Improve the continuum of care at your facility by establishing instant access to images anytime, anywhere and exchange images directly from PACS. Imagex is quick to set up and can be accessed directly in PACS, through an EMR, or email.

3D-printed Tungsten Dunlee OEM
Hall A, Booth 2707

In Dunlee’s OEM portfolio, we are proud to present our 3D-printed Tungsten range. Pure tungsten parts created by Powder Bed Laser Melting. This novel and unique 3D printing technology offers great freedom of design and allows custom-made, highly complex shaped parts to be manufactured from pure tungsten.

Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition Ziehm Imaging
Hall B, Booth 6119

Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition*. The mobile hybrid room solution. Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition* is the first mobile C-arm offering motorization of all 4 axes. The movements can be accurately steered with the Position Control Center directly from the sterile field, enhancing precision and saving valuable time during surgery. The newly developed 25 kW generator is one of the most powerful in the market of mobile imaging and delivers crystal-clear images. Outstanding imaging performance is crucial in hybrid room applications and despite the generator’s high power reserves, the design is compact and enables easy positioning of the device at the OR table. With flat-panel detectors measuring 20 cm x 20 cm and 30 cm x 30 cm Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition* is the ideal imaging modality for complex interventions in cardiology, cardiac and vascular surgery.
* Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition represents a group of optional hardware and software that creates an option package on the device named Ziehm Vision RFD.

New Image Systems N-series Display Line with 5MP Color Richardson Healthcare
Hall B, Booth 7913

Richardson Healthcare will be showcasing the new Image Systems NSeries line of diagnostic displays, which was designed for the demanding needs of radiology and mammography. The new series is highlighted by the new 5MP Color display (C5MPn) that will support multi-modality PACS and mammographic image viewing. The N-series line features a sleeker, slimmer case design, long-life LED backlights, integrated front sensors and is bundled with CFS Calibration Software.

DA 200 P40 CT Replacement Tube Dunlee, a division of Philips Healthcare
Hall A, Booth 2707

The newest addition to Dunlee’s portfolio of replacement CT tubes, the P40, is not only identical in fit, form and function to the original tube — it carries the same exact warranty. Like all products Dunlee brings to market, it’s designed to perform better and last longer, yet costs considerably less than the original. The DA 200 P40 is a 6.3 MHU CT tube designed as a replacement for use in the GE Optima CT660* System. *Products listed may be trademarked by the referenced OEM.

Thales Artpix™ EZ2GO DR System Richardson Healthcare
Hall B, Booth 7913

This is the perfect solution for your CR upgrade. Richardson Healthcare offers an easy and affordable solution to migrate to digital radiography with the Thales Artpix ™ EZ2GO DR System. The EZ2GO uses a wireless Pixium DR detector from Trixell, the leading supplier of high quality DR detectors with more than 70,000 detectors in use. The DICOM PACS software, ruggedized tablet and lightweight flat-panel detector with auto detection make it possible to upgrade any X-ray room or portable X-ray machine in ONE day. It’s efficient, it’s affordable, it’s EZ!

30” NEC MultiSync MD302C6 NEC Display Solutions
Hall A, Booth 3959

The 30” NEC MultiSync MD302C6, an LED-backlit color diagnostic display, is designed for the demanding needs of health care professionals in medical imaging and multi-modality PACS. This 6-megapixel model features an IPS panel to provide precise grayscale reproduction and wide viewing angles as well as an integrated front sensor which constantly monitors and adjusts brightness to maintain the factory DICOM GSDF calibration. In addition to offering a large overall workspace, the MD302C6 can function as a dual 3MP replacement. The MD302C6 includes a three-way ergonomic stand, including height-adjust, swivel and tilt. The display offers both DisplayPort and DVI-D inputs, built-in two-port USB hub, and 16-bit lookup tables (LUTs) with 1,024 levels of gray for smooth images and hardware calibration.

16-Channel Head Coil 1.5/3.0 T LMT Medical Systems GmbH
Hall A, Booth 1742

Our latest development is the 16-channel head array coil for our MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag® IC. It allows high-resolution examinations of the brains of newborns and premature babies up to the age of about three months and a head circumference of approximately 40 cm. The 16-channel head array coil has been optimized for the examination of intubated patients. Furthermore, it offers an improved image homogeneity. The field of view for the head and neck examinations has been enlarged — and all this at a lower weight! The coil is suitable for 1.5 and 3.0 T MRI.

The Bucky Protector Clear Image Devices
Hall B, Booth 6711

The Bucky Protector is a convenient way to protect your X-ray system’s faceplate from incidental damage caused by other equipment which results in scratches and dents.

New Rayence XR-5™ Floor-Mounted Tube X-Ray System with Auto Tracking & Auto Stitching Rayence
Hall B, Booth 8126

Rayence, a worldwide leading manufacturer of digital flat-panel detectors and now, radiographic equipment solutions, is showcasing a floor-mounted tube DR system capable of X-ray tube auto tracking and multi-image auto stitching — the XR-5™Digital Radiography System. Requiring no special preparation, install it in rooms with ceiling heights of just eight (8) feet and 208-240VAC line voltage. Fully motorized tube column tracks the wall stand detector, and table Bucky movements automatically track longitudinal X-ray tube movements. Smart Stitching™ software automatically aligns up to three (3) images with a touch of a button requiring no special detector positioning, programming or accessories. The XR-5™ is a full-featured, floor-mounted tube system and well-suited for all X-ray exam types as well as imaging environments, especially orthopedics, imaging centers and urgent care.

New Rayence C-Series Wireless Detector Family Rayence
Hall B, Booth 8126

The new family of Rayence C-Series wireless detectors are ergonomically designed with tapered, recessed edges and a sure-grip backing and are sized to offer a new level of versatility and immediate diagnosis capability in the X-ray room and beyond. Acquiring large patient body type images is easy with a 17x17” format, capturing even the widest chest X-ray or pelvis. Thin and lightweight, the 14"x17" detector can be quickly positioned in either portrait or landscape orientations in the most demanding imaging environments. The Rayence 10x12 wireless detector is the ideal format size for all tabletop extremity exams as well as for pediatric or neonate imaging. All C-Series detectors have in-panel memory and room-sharing capability. They are the optimum solutions for direct, high-quality digital radiography.

24” NEC MultiSync MD242C2 NEC Display Solutions
Hall A, Booth 3959

The 24” NEC MultiSync MD242C2, a referral-grade widescreen diagnostic display, is designed for the demanding needs of health care professionals in medical imaging and PACS. This 2.3-megapixel model has an IPS panel to provide precise color reproduction and wide viewing angles. It also has an integrated front sensor which constantly monitors and adjusts brightness to maintain the factory DICOM GSDF calibration. The MD242C2 also includes a human presence sensor that can automatically dim the screen to conserve power, a Quick QA function for checking DICOM conformance without a computer and its stand has four-way ergonomic functionality, including height-adjust, swivel, tilt and pivot.