Contrast Injector Product Showcase

March 28, 2017
Bayer / Medrad MRXperion MR Injection System
The MR SMART Injection System designed for innovative contrast delivery and management. Features to help drive efficiency, reproducible quality and personalized care include:
• Snap-on/twist-off syringe design
• Automatic plunger advance and retract
• Automatic filling and priming
• Injection pressure graph
• Patient-centric workflow design
• Storage/retrieval of up to 60 protocols
• “I Checked for Air” confirmation at injector head
• 6 user-defined injection phases
• Informatics ready platform
• Remote service capable with VirtualCare Remote Support

Bayer / Medrad Stellant Dual CT Injection System
Intelligent, Intuitive, Innovative
Designed to increase efficiency with:
• Snap-on / twist-off syringe design
• Automatic plunger advance and retract
• Automatic filling and priming
• Storage and recall of up to 250 protocols
• Ability to deliver saline and contrast simultaneously
• Multi-phase programming
• Integrated saline test inject with real-time pressure monitoring
• Programmable pressure limit
• Scalable platform with
capabilities to upgrade with
informatics technology
• Remote service capable with
VirtualCare Remote Support

Bayer / Medrad Mark 7 Arterion Injection System
The Medrad Mark 7 Arterion Injection System takes advantage of the latest technologies, making it light, maneuverable and easy to use.
Advantages include:
• Spend less time maneuvering and setting up
• Clearly visible and intuitive user interface guides you through proper setup
• Information is highlighted to perform injections confidently
• Unique front load syringe for simple insertion and clean removal
• Syringe provides a clear view of the contrast

Bracco / Empower MRContrast Injection System
EmpowerMR is designed to meet the demands of today’s advanced MR procedures:
• A range of features provide peace of mind
• Intuitive, user-friendly interface makes operation amazingly simple

Bracco / EmpowerCTA+ The Contrast Injector
Advanced safety features address the needs of today’s most modern facilities.
• Digital touch technology increases the user’s control and everyday efficiencies
• Saline Advance delivered via a pendant switch or key on the injector at the patient’s side allows for the use of saline to test patency and vein integrity
• Saline Jump allows for the immediate advancement to saline once opacification has been reached, minimizing the contrast a patient receives
• Precise, easily accessible features, including remote control pause, enable immediate action

Liebel-Flarsheim / Angiomat Illumena
The Angiomat Illumena contrast delivery system sets the standard for efficiency, versatility and ease of use.
• User-defined functionality
• Ability to switch between cardio, angio and CT modes with one touch
• Expands your ability to deliver advanced patient care across an increasingly broad spectrum of patients and procedures

Liebel-Flarsheim / Optistar Elite
The Optistar Elite is an MR contrast delivery system. Paired with Ultraject prefilled syringes, the Optistar Elite injector helps you save time preparing for MR contrast delivery, to give you more time with your patients.
• Can be operated from the powerhead or the control console
• Color LCD touchscreen
• Safety features including built-in status alerts, a Patency Check feature and Timing Bolus injection
• Battery-free operation

Liebel-Flarsheim / Optivantage
The Optivantage features a dual-head CT contrast delivery system with optional RFID upgrade. This uniquely intelligent interface between contrast media syringe and power injector is designed to give you more ways to effectively support more complex injection protocols.
• Easy touchscreen interface
• Built-in Patency Check feature to avoid extravasations
• Keeps pace with increasing CT scanner speeds
• Powerhead controls to enable programming and injection management at patient bedside