Endoscopy Product Showcase

April 14, 2017
Boston Scientific / SpyGlass™ DS Direct Visualization System
The SpyGlass DS System enables high resolution imaging and therapy during an ERCP procedure to target biopsies and fragment stones, which may result in more efficient evaluation and help reduce the need for additional testing and repeat procedures compared to traditional ERCP, and enable patients to receive treatment sooner.

Boston Scientific /
Resolution 360 Clip

Boston Scientific / Resolution 360™ Clip
The Resolution 360 Clip builds on the strong clinical and economic track record established by Resolution™ Clip and offers new benefits to providers and patients, including controlled clip placement and shorter procedure times.

Repositionable Hemostasis Clip

CONMED/DuraClip™ Repositionable Hemostasis Clip
For hemostasis in the gastrointestinal tract, ConMed’s new DuraClip™ Hemostasis Clip has 360° rotation and no limits to the number of times it can be repositioned. The DuraClip’s unique clip component has a thin leading clip arm, with a profile that is 40 percent shorter than other devices. The 10mm remaining clip takes up less space in the field of view to see mucosal defects with unhindered visibility and precise placement.


The DRS1080p Image Management system from ConMed allows surgeons and health care providers the means to securely archive, access and report on surgical cases. The ease of use provides the OR staff with the ability to quickly prepare the device for surgical procedures. In addition, the iPad application allows for the image review, patient information entry and reporting to be performed well beyond the sterile field.

CONMED / Ultra-High Def Laparoscopes High Definition Laparoscope
for Optimal Imaging

CONMED / Ultra-High Def Laparoscopes High Definition Laparoscopes for Optimal Imaging
The ConMed Ultra High Definition (UHD) Laparoscope is our third-generation laparoscope, providing enhanced image clarity and sharpness for improved viewing within the anatomy. The ConMed laparoscope provides a better image quality, which optimizes the image on the screen. With an improvement of light transmission and vignette, this improved scope allows for better clarity and brightness in the joint space and a brighter image, from the center all the way to the edges.


Achieving optimal visualization, even in areas hidden from traditional telescopes, the ENDOCAMELEON Telescope combines the benefits of a flexible scope with the advantages of a rigid scope. For specialties from laparoscopy and GYN, to urology, thoracic and single-port access procedures, our ENDOCAMELEON Telescope enables surgeons to easily and intraoperatively adjust the viewing direction from 0° to 120°.

KARL STORZ / Flexible Video Cystoscope

KARL STORZ / Flexible Video Cystoscope
Offering the benefits of distal chip technology, the Flexible Video Cystoscope delivers the highest image quality to give urologists crisp, clear visualization that does not require focusing. Compatible with both analog and digital camera systems, this new cystoscope offers an optimum solution for both office and hospital settings. Its full-screen image provides a more complete and accurate overview of anatomy.

Extended Length Instruments

KARL STORZ / Extended Length Instruments
Bariatric surgery presents a range of challenges to laparoscopic surgeons. KARL STORZ offers solutions to these challenges with extended length instrumentation and telescopes specifically for these procedures. And because you can’t operate if you can’t see, our HOPKINS® Rod Lens System has become the optics of choice for many laparoscopic surgeons performing bariatric procedures.

NovaProbe / HD CAMERA

NovaProbe Video Systems offer a clear, bright image designed to enhance outcomes. Utilized by surgeons around the globe, NovaProbe Video Systems provide the best quality at an affordable price. NovaProbe HD Camera System HDCAM 3000 is a waterproof camera powered by a full HD SONY CMOS chip with 2,400,000 pixels. The video resolution of the camera system is at 1920 x1080p/60 fps. The user is able to adjust the white balance, red and blue gain for better image clarity, sharpness, brightness and capture images during surgery. The camera system has DVI, HDMI, S-Video and USB 3.0 outputs.

NovaProbe / LED Light
Source LEUKOS 175

NovaProbe / LED Light Source LEUKOS 175
The NovaProbe LED Leukos 175 is specifically designed to provide the cold light intensity required for modern-day endoscopic procedures. The LED light provides the color temp of 6,500 deg K also known as white light. The white light offers unmatched quality for the single chip, three chip and HD cameras. The NovaProbe LED Light source assures that the light passing through the fiber optic cable is a cold light and is far superior to the light sources from other manufacturers.

NovaProbe / 40 L Insufflator 10040

NovaProbe / 40 L Insufflator 10040
The NovaProbe CO2 Insufflator is specifically designed for modern-day endoscopic procedures. This insufflators is intended to facilitate the use of the laparoscope by filling the peritoneal cavity with gas. The insufflator is solely designed for distention of the abdomen for diagnostic and/or operative laparoscopy. The unit delivers a maximum gas flow of 40 l/min. The pressure is adjustable in the range of 5-30 mmHg.