Will TSA for hospitals be required?

July 05, 2017
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Some of you might remember smoking on airplanes.

It was about this same time when you didn't need to present identification to board an airplane you just needed a ticket. If you knew that you were going be attending the RSNA you bought 10 airplane tickets in advance at a lower price. You could give the ticket to anyone and they could board the plane because no one checked ID.

All that changed after the era of hijacking.

Today we have a lot more airport security. There are more people traveling. Relative to inflation the price of tickets have gone down so airlines have to do more with less. Sound familiar?

After the shooting in New York City I suspect it's only a matter of time before you'll have metal detectors and TSA style security at hospitals. And don't think it's just a New York City phenomenon.

With more people everywhere, it's to be expected that we will need the same certain security in hospitals across the globe.

However, it's different with hospitals. If you have to leave for the airport and give yourself enough time, but if you're in a car accident or your appendix bursts you're far less likely to have a plan.

This sort of security will certainly have a loss of life associated with it. It can't be helped and it can't be denied.