REAL Radiology acquires Argus
Radiology Consultants

REAL Radiology acquires Argus Radiology Consultants

August 08, 2018
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
Teleradiology firm REAL Radiology LLC has acquired Argus Radiology Consultants LLC, a provider of 24/7 teleradiology services.

Completed at the beginning of the month, the acquisition aligns the two 100 percent radiologist owned-and-operated organizations, equipping the Missouri-based Argus with the radiologist-centered leadership of Nebraska’s REAL Radiology.

"With REAL Radiology's proven performance, the additional Argus teleradiologists and client base make sense and aligns with REAL's strategic growth plans,” radiologists Dr. Jon Jaksha, Dr. Jason Grennan and Dr. Mohammed Fareed Quraishi, the owners of REAL Radiology, said in a statement. “REAL provides ON TIME reporting (<30 STAT, <15 Critical) which is noncompetitive to local/regional/employed-model radiologists.”

The purchase of Argus Radiology Consultants will provide greater support to REAL Radiology to further the quality-drivers that have enabled REAL to maintain 100 percent of its radiology group and hospital-based clientele.

Prior to the acquisition, Argus expanded its own teleradiology services into Arkansas in November 2016, after licensing its team of radiologists in the state. Its presence in the state was in response to years of requests made by rural hospitals and radiology groups there and enabled it to offer 24/7 services and greater numbers of radiologists to help those facilities retain their redundancies and improve the quality of care offered.

It then entered into Indiana in April 2017, following completion of its physician licensing there, offering a variety of services to emergency hospital departments and radiology groups, including overnight and weekend coverage.

“With radiologists in short supply, this acquisition provides a competitive advantage, enables additional coverage-strength and capacity,” the owners said. “Our team is excited for this expansion as we continue to provide highest-quality and timely reports to our existing and newly acquired clients.”

Real Radiology did not return emails or calls for comment.