Cool Pair Plus acquires Tripwire from Simplexable for MR monitoring

November 07, 2018
by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief
Cool Pair Plus (CPP), a leader in cryogenic equipment sales and service, has acquired the Tripwire MR monitoring product line from Simplexable, calling it "an important addition" to its existing da Vinci Remote Magnet Monitoring System.

Tripwire was first developed in early 2014 by Clark Wilkins and his colleagues at Simplexable as a means to immediately notify MR magnet operators of anomalies in the magnet, to include coldhead and compressor operations in addition to key parameters of the magnet itself. While the remote device reports more than 30 parameters, it concentrates on four key magnet metrics: helium level, shield temperature, compressor status, and magnet pressure for zero boil-off systems.

“Magnet failures tend to escalate very rapidly in cost and consequence,” Wilkins told HCB News in August. “We have easily saved our users more than $1.5 million in the last four years.”

As an example, he cited a case of a water chiller failing on a zero boil-off unit on a Friday evening, just after a clinic closed for business. Normally, he said, a technician would not discover the problem until Monday morning – when it would have necessitated a costly helium refill. “In this case, we got a text message within 30 minutes of the failure and the repair was initiated immediately,” said Wilkins.

The addition of Tripwire is expected to advance the technical robustness of the da Vinci offering and ensure that CPP customers are benefiting from the most advanced system in existence among independent service organizations, the company said.

“It’s a win all around; existing CPP customers will have access to an improved da Vinci product, and for Tripwire customers they will have the support of the most dynamic magnet service company in the business," said Dick Branca, CPP’s director of sales, in a statement. "It’s been great working with Clark to put this together.”

Founded in 1995, Cool Pair Plus has OEM-certified engineers who travel the world to bring on-site turnkey installations and MR magnet service to Sumitomo, Balzers, Leybold and APD systems. Their certified refurbished equipment includes coldheads, compressors, cryocoolers, adsorbers and flex lines. Cool Pair Plus currently holds an ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System certificate for Calibration, Service and Repair of Testing, Measurement and Process Control Equipment and Devices.