Agfa showcases rad/fluoro DR 800 system at RSNA

December 05, 2018
by John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent
Agfa showcased its DR 800 digital imaging multi-tool for both radiography and fluoroscopy this past week at the 2018 annual RSNA meeting in Chicago.

The DR unit is configured to accommodate venograms, milograms, arthrograms, shunts, catheters, and other interventional cases with enhanced patient and operator comfort. Supporting it is the enhanced version of the MUSICA technology workstation/platform, which offers greater image clarity of multiple organs, bones and soft tissue on multiple levels in relation to one another, including in bariatric patients.

“Soft tissue is no longer throw-away data," George Curley, Agfa's director of marketing and communications, told HCB News.

Cleared by the FDA in April, the DR 800 can be ordered with a ceiling tube mount and wall stand, but can also be fit into a small space and used for patients who cannot be transferred from a stretcher or wheelchair. The unit can accommodate both children and adults weighing up to 705 pounds, and is equipped with several low dose technological capabilities to ensure safety in performing exams on pediatric patients. Both static and dynamic images are processed automatically in real-time with the DR 800 making it efficient to check image accuracy.

Additional features include auto-positioning, shorter preparation time, the ability to conduct multiple exams in one room, remote Bluetooth capability and smooth table operation to minimize transfer stress.

The rollout of the enhanced Dynamic MUSICA Imaging processing workflow improves the fluoroscopic image quality with added noise suppression, enhanced brightness and density stabilization. It also possess other new qualities, an example being the ability to to retrofit a full leg and spine stitching capability for its new DR 800 into its existing line.

DR 800 images can also be achieved with on-table processing speed to check for image accuracy. Agfa is working to apply MUSICA technology to autorotation of images to improve workflow (WIP).