QT Ultrasound has launched three
radiation-free and compression-free
breast imaging centers in California
and Michigan

QT Ultrasound launches radiation-and-compression-free breast imaging centers

January 14, 2019
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
Three new radiation-free and compression-free breast imaging centers have popped up in the U.S. as part of an ongoing initiative launched by QT Ultrasound.

The automated breast imaging manufacturer is aiming to provide women access to spa-like, patient-centric environments, known as QTbreasthealth imaging centers, equipped with its FDA-cleared QTscan technology for radiation-free and compression-free breast imaging.

"For years we've seen the growing trend that consumers want to be involved in decisions about their healthcare," QT Ultrasound CEO Dr. John Klock said in a statement. "Now, with the QTbreasthealth centers, we're making it easier for women to put their breast health in their own hands. This technology is especially effective for women with dense breasts ndash; about half of all women ndash; who may have gotten false positives with mammography or who have been told they need additional screening.”

Granted breakthrough device designation by the FDA, the QTscan requires no radiation, compression or injections, making it stand out as an option for earlier and more frequent screening of young women at high risk for breast cancer who have no available FDA-cleared screening options.

The option of no compression provides a comfortable experience, while no radiation means reduced risk and concern. In addition, the system is capable of seeing through dense breast tissue to identify suspicious findings, which traditional mammograms may not be able to detect.

Results are then delivered and discussed privately with providers within 72 hours, helping to decrease anxiety.

“We are already receiving great feedback from women who have been able to get image clarity delivered with comfort and compassion," said Dotty Bollinger, QTbreasthealth's chief growth officer.

The new centers are located in Novato and Walnut Creek, California, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The company plans to open more centers throughout the year.