Tricks that scammers use and how to avoid them

February 20, 2019
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
We are constantly monitoring activity on our website and with our tremendous traffic of hundreds of thousands of user sessions per day, we've noticed an increase in attempted scammers.

We make an effort to catch the scammers on our website, but there are still people that might write to you outside of DOTmed and here are some tips on how to protect yourself.

I am always careful about clicking on any attachment that anyone sends me. If I was not expecting it, I would call the person or write to them and ask them if they actually sent me an attachment.

If I reply to an email, I check to make sure that the email I am replying to is from an address that I recognize. If I receive an email which appears to be from Don Bogutski and when I hit reply, it has some other email address that I know is not Don Bogutski's, then I know it must be a spammer.

If I reply to an email sent by a spammer, then the spammer knows my email is still good and he/she will write to me again, and again, and again and try all sorts of ways to trick me.

So if I see that the Reply-to email address is not valid, I do not reply and I immediately delete the email.

Of course, I do not have to tell you not to reply to an email about a problem with your computer or a problem with your bank, or with your credit card. These are almost all scams.

You might receive an email from the Bank of America and you might be a Bank of America client and it might look exactly like a Bank of America email with all sorts of bank disclaimers. When you reply, the email address will be Obviously, this is a scam.

If it does not make sense, it is probably bogus so avoid it.

There is another spam now with robotic calls. If you are not sure and you answer the phone and say 'Hello?' and you do not immediately hear something on the other end of the phone, then chances are it is a robo call waiting to connect you. Hang up right away.

I am sure that everyone has said, how do we ever get along without a cell phone? And I only hope that 10 years from now we will be able to say, "how did we ever get along without some piece of software which has eliminated spams and robotic calls?"

Remember to use good judgement!