Dr. Michael Friebe

My one day at ECR: Michael Friebe

March 05, 2019
An editorial by Michael Friebe

I arrived late on thursday and went directly from the airport on invitation of my friend Prof. Mathias Goyen (CMO, GE Healthcare Europe) to a customer event at the Leopoldmuseum. Prof. Michael Forsting, IT Director (!) and Chief of Radiology of the University Clinic in Essen was one of the panelists discussing AI in practice and hospital. Quite interesting point of views and outlooks. I also had the pleasure of chatting with Kieran Murphy the CEO of GE during that event.

AI is almost not worth mentioning anymore ... we are now at the point were it is expected and necessary that AI and related data analytics are a MUST and no longer an option. So needless to highlight the new AI programs and applications and also needless to mention that there were plenty of new companies that showed their dedicated programs and solutions (Artificial Narrow Intelligence) that somehow need to be implemented into the workflow and that also need to be reimbursed. Challenges for these small companies, especially since we all know that AI IS HERE TO STAY, but the revenue situation for them is not solved yet.

ECR is certainly gaining attractiveness shown by the increasing number of attendees and the increasing booth space. GE expanded into the back of their normal location, SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS had an extra DIGITAL EXPERIENCE HALL outside the normal exhibition area, and GUERBET rented space in an adjacent building accompanied by human-powered bike-Rikschas.

My impression from the BRACCO booth was that it was larger at the ECR than at the RSNA ...

It is clear from my perspective, as a globally interested and connected radiology / imaging networker, that I will continue to attend RSNA and ECR, but for most other professional attendees and for the businesses that are mainly EMEA oriented the ECR is probably the better place to go these days. Vienna is beautiful and very easily reachable with no or little immigration hazards. Something not in its entirety true for Chicago and the US.

I will not provide detailed booth pictures this time, but included some 180-360 degree panoramic views from different strategic locations. Apologies for the companies that are not visible.

My personal interest - besides the exponential technologies - are image guided therapies and new developments in that field. And I am also happy that several companies that I have a direct affiliation with were present this year. Namely INTERVENTIONAL SYSTEMS with their robotic device (here shown with an Ultrasound transducer attached), PIUR IMAGING that showed their tomographic ultrasound system, ITP with their newly certified MRI biopys device, CONTEXTFLOW showing their CT AI program, and a start-up from my own chair (IN-LINE) that showed their interventional MRI products at the NORAS booth (thanks Hubert, Manuel, and Rosy).

And of course there were plenty of cool new products, which I do not want to individually highlight. I am glad though that Ghada Trotabas from SIEMENS “forced” me to try the new MRI patient experience with the great monitor and a direct sound transmission without headphones. Cool!

My fully packed day at the VIC ends with some rain and a beautiful rainbow followed by a flight delay of 1,5 hours. Oh well! But at least no Jetlag and sleeping in my own bed later on.

Next report is the one for RSNA 2019 ... this year completely in December. I will be roaming around Sunday through Tuesday and hope to see you there ... or next year at ECR 2020.