If you know Ed Sloan, click here

August 07, 2019
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Ed Sloan and I have been friends for a long time. I am just one in a long list of people who he has helped, even if he is fond of saying I am the most handsome.

We wrote what I think is a very nice story about Ed and it is in our August issue of HealthCare Business News, which is also our parts and service issue.

If you know Ed, you'll enjoy this story. Even if you don't know Ed, you will still enjoy reading about his incredible career and the mark he has left on the medical equipment parts and service industry.

As we worked on the article, we also got in touch with some of the people who have had their own careers and lives impacted by Ed Sloan. You will see some of their comments as you read through the story.

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If you have a recollection of Ed that you'd like to share, you may do so here. We invite you to include a photograph.