Aidoc at RSNA 2018

Aidoc releases AI package to identify stroke

September 19, 2019
by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter
Aidoc has released an artificial intelligence (AI) solution to identify and triage stroke in CT scans, and cut time until treatment.

The solution, which is CE marked, has an algorithm that flags vascular occlusions that result in both ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes and prioritizes the emergency cases in the radiologist’s workflow.

The package also includes Aidoc's first AI-based workflow optimization solution for intracranial hemorrhage, which is already FDA cleared and CE marked.

Dr. Eyal Morag, Aidoc’s medical director, said the company decided to release an AI solution for stroke because early treatment is important to improving patient outcomes.

“Now we have two working algorithms for intracranial pathways,” Morag told HCB News. “Aidoc can detect intercranial hemorrhage and large vessel occlusion with two separate algorithms.”

Aidoc products, which include solutions for flagging pulmonary embolism and cervical spine fractures are installed at more 300 medical centers worldwide.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles conducted a study last year of the Aidoc brain package and found that using it decreased report turnaround time by more than 60 percent and also increased the radiologist’s confidence in their findings.