AI software leads to faster and more consistent cardiac MR

December 13, 2019
by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter
Cardiac MR has many advantages, but is not usually performed due to the length of time required, the cost and lack of available technologists trained to perform such exams.

HeartVista set out to change that this year at the annual RSNA meeting in Chicago by showing providers its recently FDA-cleared One Click software. The program utilizes AI to reduce a 90-minute exam by a factor of four and makes scans more affordable by reducing reliance on the skill of technologists for image quality, according to the company. The technology enables this not through post processing but by actually controlling the magnet.

“We create the electromagnetic field, we create the post sequences, we do the image reconstruction, the whole shebang," Itamar Kandel, chief executive officer of HeartVista, told HCB News. "At that point we can start doing post processing and doing clinical and diagnostic support. This idea that we do the acquisition versus the post processing is the key differentiator.”

The company specifies that outcomes data shows MR to be the gold standard for evaluating heart disease, and is non-inferior to an invasive angiogram. It also leads to fewer procedures, furthering the demand for cardiac MR imaging.

“We want everyone who needs an MR to get an MR regardless of the cost, regardless of the anatomy, regardless of the access or location in the country or in the world,” Kandel said. “That’s the vision of the company, to bring this best-in-class technology out to the market and democratize MR imaging.”

The software is installed at one location within the Sutter Health system in Northern California.

HeartVista is currently in talks for installations at a number of facilities.