Mayor James Brainard

Five minutes in healthcare - featuring Mayor James Brainard

April 28, 2020
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Five Minutes in Healthcare is a new series we're introducing in HealthCare Business News, where I discuss current events with some of the industry's most influential leaders, as well as innovative thinkers who are working to meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

In this installment we speak to James Brainard, the mayor of Carmel, Indiana, about the unique partnership between himself and New York City Mayor, Bill DeBlasio. By working together, a company in Carmel was able to donate 50,000 COVID-19 tests to NYC, and since then, DeBlasio has begun purchasing the tests from the company.

Brainard also talks about a successful new program in Carmel called 'Feed the Frontlines' that has raised over $150,000 purchasing food from local restaurants and donating it to hospital workers.

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