SmartBreast acquires molecular breast imaging assets from Dilon Technologies

January 04, 2021
by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief
Smart Breast Corporation, a privately held company focused on breast cancer screening and detection, has acquired molecular breast imaging (MBI) assets from Dilon Technologies for an undisclosed amount.

The assets acquired include the Dilon 6800 MBI scanner, the GammaLoc MBI-guided biopsy, a proprietary Variable-Angle Slant-Hole (VASH) collimator (designed by Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), 3D Tomographic software that uses the VASH collimator to render limited-angle molecular breast tomography (MBT), and acquisition and analysis software for these systems.

The D6800 is an FDA-cleared compact, mobile scanner that is also FDA-cleared for MBI-guided biopsy of suspected breast cancers, and has installations at 176 sites in more than 10 countries. SmartBreast intends to continue to manufacture, market and distribute the D6800 MBI scanner with GammaLoc.

"MBI is a game-changer for breast cancer in dense breast," said SmartBreast co-founder and CEO, James Hugg, in a statement. "In published clinical studies mammography was reported to find 3.2 cancers in each 1,000 women with dense breasts. Adding MBI increased the number of cancers found to 12 per 1,000. SmartBreast will make MBI accessible to many more dense-breast women who are literally gambling with their lives by relying on annual mammograms alone."

SmartBreast was founded in 2019 and has headquarters near Pittsburgh and offices in Los Angeles and Taipei, Taiwan. It is a subsidiary of privately held EVO WorldWide LLC, which distributes MBI globally.