Fujifilm and Candelis are integrating their technologies together to enhance image management for radiologists in women's health and CT

Fujifilm partners with Candelis to enhance image management

February 17, 2021
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
Fujifilm Medical Systems USA is integrating Candelis’ technologies with its ASPIRE Cristalle 3D mammography system and Persona CT.

The addition of the Candelis’ ImageGrid suite of products, including ImageGrid, ImageGrid Mini, and ImageGrid Plus, is expected to enhance image workflow, management and storage capabilities for radiologists working in women’s healthcare and CT.

"On top of a busy workload, the issue of error in radiology has been recognized for many years. Radiologists and medical imaging facilities need technology that ensures data sets of all sizes are reading properly, are able to seamlessly transfer data sets, and offer great connectivity. By having imaging transfer solutions, radiologists can overcome common productivity challenges and easily read data sets in a remote setting," Rick Banner, senior director of marketing with FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc., told HCB News.

The partnership is expected to improve data management for Fujifilm's customers who utilize 3D imaging like digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) mammography, regardless of how old their mammography and CT solutions are.

ImageGrid is designed to support radiology workflows through a scalable enterprise image management platform, while ImageGrid Mini is a single, small-footprint hardware platform designed to ensure image management is cost-effective and robust. ImageGrid Plus is an enterprise data management server that is expected to benefit facilities with a heavy image volume environment.

With them, ASPIRE Cristalle is expected to be better equipped to address data management challenges created by large amounts of data generated in 3D imaging. In addition to the ImageGrid suite, Candelis’ ASTRA cloud storage and image transfer services will be offered in Fujifilm’s portfolio of diagnostic imaging solutions, including the Persona CT.

ASPIRE Cristalle can be used to perform DBT and provides more compression that, when combined with the Intelligent Automatic Exposure Control image processing, generates more optimized images at low dose for every breast type, including implants. Persona CT has an 85-cm bore that any patient can be inserted comfortably into regardless of size, and uses high-sensitivity image acquisition technology to streamline workflow and enhance physician and patient confidence.

The aim of both companies is to create an environment that provides radiologists with scalable storage and imaging transfer solutions to support high-volume and complex diagnostic workflows. They expect the integration will create a tomosynthesis-optimized ecosystem that will streamline workflow for mammography in small and large enterprises, as well as distributed environments that practice remote reading and teleradiology.

"A tomosynthesis-optimized ecosystem ensures that the data aren't erroneous, flows across the network properly, has excellent connectivity and is able to manage large file sizes," said Banner. "Joining forces with Candelis ensures that our customers' data from DBT exams flows properly, while addressing the challenges of vintage PACS and network technology."