GE Edison True PACS

GE launches AI-based Edison True PACS system

August 09, 2021
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
GE Healthcare has launched its Edison True PACS, a cloud-based system designed to help radiologists better manage higher workloads more securely and with AI applications seamlessly integrated.

"Workflows are getting a lot of attention and focus by imaging organizations, as they represent an area for additional optimization," Girish Muralidharan, senior vice president and general manager of enterprise imaging solutions at GE Healthcare, told HCB News. "Edison True PACS has a full-featured PACS based workflow engine that adapts to the needs of the reading organization, and can accommodate the streamlined needs of small reading groups as well as the more complex workflows of large IDNs and academic institutions."

As a cloud-hosted or subscription solution, Edison True PACS is designed to support IT budgets and resources, and is deployed on AWS cloud to keep data secure. Among its features are a web-based diagnostic viewer and a zero-footprint clinical viewer for remote reading. It also seamlessly integrates AI algorithms made by third-party developers on the Edison platform into workflows, without additional clicks.

“From our perspective, Edison True PACS will save a tremendous amount of money on our data storage, as not having to host PACS on-site is going to be a significant reduction on that spend,” noted Richard Duemmling, chief of business operations at Neuro Imaging Winter Park. “Not having to store backups and duplicates on-site benefits us by taking workload off of our production team.”

Muralidharan says Edison True PACS will help all types of providers embrace the future direction of enterprise imaging, which he says is all about consolidating more functionality into departmental diagnostic reading and workflow solutions and PACS deconstruction, in which organizations can choose the best elements of an enterprise solution from multiple vendors.

The solution, which is available as software as a service or on premise, comes in three subscription packages:
Edison True PACS is available in the U.S., with rollout expected in some other regions starting in 2022.