My experiences and top takeaways from RSNA 2021

December 01, 2021
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
If you've been following our news then you know I have taken my video interview series, Five Minutes in Healthcare, on the road to Chicago for some live reporting at the RSNA meeting.

It's no secret or surprise that the show this year had a significantly lower turn out than in previous years. Regardless, I thought the show was a success and so did most, if not all, of the people who I spoke to at the event.

Further down on this page, you will find my interviews and reactions from each day at the show, (Sunday thru Tuesday). I encourage you to watch those if you haven't already, but the main thing I wish to share with you now are my overall takeaways from RSNA 2021.

My overall takeaways:

What follows is my video recapping Tuesday, 11/30. You will see that I spoke to Larry Sodomire from Total Data Connect, Michal Piglas and Pawel Weber from JMP Medical, Olga and Orestes de la Paz from Puma Export, imaging expert and entrepreneur, professor Michael Friebe, Jason Green from Health Connect Partners (HCP), Rami Marom of MediRam, and medical physicist Tom Petrone:

Next is my video recapping Monday, 11/29, (not Tuesday, which I mistakenly say in the introduction). It was good to see more people at the show today than we had yesterday. You will see that I spoke to Josh Block from Block Imaging, John Vano from Radiology Oncology Systems, Inc., and Mehdi Small from LBN Medical:

Finally, my video recapping Sunday, 11/28. Here I speak to Tom Spees with Block Imaging, Hamish Dunn, Angel Urquijo and Nirvikar Yadav from Everx, and Mike Machuca from Medical Outfitters: