Adaptiiv, HP and Varian are using 3D printing to personalize radiotherapy treatment.

Adaptiiv, HP and Varian personalizing radiotherapy via 3D printing collab

May 26, 2022
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
Adaptiiv Medical Technologies has partnered with HP Inc. and Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, to create more patient-specific 3D printing technology that personalizes cancer care for U.S. patients.

With manufacturers relying more on 3D printing to customize products, the three companies see an opportunity to individualize this form of care. They are working on a new approach that will produce patient-specific boluses, which are tools that mimic the structure of human tissue and are placed on top of skin to control the amount of dose delivered to specific sites.

For their endeavor, they are incorporating 3D printing, automated design software and linear accelerators used in external beam radiation therapy. "In particular, I see potential to improve the clinical workflow for customers that are using a bolus to treat complex cases via external beam radiation therapy. Varian is also working diligently with our collaborators to explore new applications that will have maximal clinical impact," Ben Moga, director of strategic alliances and synergy investments at Varian, told HCB News.

Adaptiiv will utilize its On Demand services, which scored FDA clearance earlier this year. These services help clinical teams design and install 3D printed radiotherapy devices that conform to patient anatomy and allow providers to better control dose measurements.

The company's software guides the oncologist through the manufacturing process to create extremely precise bolus models tailored to each patient’s anatomy and the amount of dose they require. "The last mile of radiation therapy needs to evolve and our solutions provide greater access to personalized care, while improving treatment and creating workflow efficiencies for cancer centers around the world," said Adaptiiv CEO Alex Dunphy in a statement.

HP’s Multi Jet Fusion platform will turn the design into a flexible and high-quality bolus with a scalable, quicker and more affordable manufacturing process. "The combined technology scale of HP and Varian, along with the leading-edge personalization workflow of Adaptiiv, provides the improved solution that clinicians and patients deserve," said Louis Kim, vice president of 3D Printing at HP.

As a developer of linear accelerators, Varian will help Adaptiiv market the boluses to providers that use its radiotherapy machines. It also will work on enhancing interoperability with Adaptiiv's 3D printed medical devices for external beam radiation therapy.