B dot Medical - Successful irradiation with high-speed scanning for an ultra-compact proton therapy system

June 20, 2022
TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--B dot Medical Inc. has succeeded in high-speed scanning irradiation for an ultra-compact proton therapy system under development. That confirmed that the system under development is capable of high-precision scanning irradiation, bringing us closer to the widespread realization of proton therapy, which has fewer side effects and can be performed while the patient is working.

Last year, B dot Medical succeeded in the development of a compact scanning magnet for proton therapy systems, reducing the distance from the irradiation system to the irradiation position to about one-third that of a conventional magnet.

Currently, we are conducting several tests in combination with the ultra-compact proton therapy system, which successfully conducted a Proof of Concept (POC) in May 2022, and we plan to file an application for PMDA approval of the irradiation system in the near future. We will continue our efforts to realize a society in which anyone can receive proton therapy.

About B dot Medical
B dot Medical Inc. is a start-up that originated at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS) and is developing an ultra-compact proton therapy system by utilizing the advanced technology and experience cultivated at NIRS. We are challenging the world with Japanese technological innovation power.

By using a technology that bends the proton beam to an arbitrary angle, which is completely different from the conventional system structure, the system can be made as compact and affordable as X-ray therapy systems. We aim to improve access to proton therapy by making it possible to install proton therapy in hospitals where it has been difficult due to space and cost constraints.