Sound Imaging releases MRI Room Alert System

July 26, 2022
SAN DIEGO, CA — December 2021 — Sound Imaging, a leading MRI product development firm, has released a first-of-a-kind, patent-pending voice-activated MRI Room Alert System. Developed in conjunction with leading MRI safety experts, the MRI Room Alert seeks to increase safety, reduce liability, and improve emergency response time. MRI is the single most dangerous room in a healthcare facility and according to the FDA MRI, related incidents are on the rise! as reported by Gilk Radiology Consultants

"...Reported MRI adverse events are growing at rates between 2x and 4x the rate of growth of MRI procedure volume."

With this data in mind, likely every patient care room in your facility has an emergency call button to get help, so why would the most dangerous room in your facility not have one? "This new product gives anyone working in the MRI peace of mind because it is very intuitive in the event that there is an emergency," said Marketing Director Christopher Chang
For this reason, The MRI Room Alert was developed after talking to countless MRI Technologists and MRI Safety Officers who mentioned they needed a product that would allow them to alert MRI safety-trained personnel to help in the event of an accident.

The testimonials so far have been extremely positive. Gerardo "Lalo" Verdugo R.T (R) (CRT) (ARRT) from the prominent San Diego SMI Center was very positive in his time with the MRI Room Alert,

"Our MRI techs frequently work alone where help is possible without immediate access, now they and our patients have the ultimate peace of mind. The MRI Room Alert serves so many crucial, as well as convenient functions, I don't know how we kept our patients and employees safe without it."

While Mitch Cardinal RT (R)(MR)MRSO(MRSC), a distinguished MRSO from Indiana had this to say,

"As a registered MR Safety Officer, I believe this product is a great way for technologists to get timely help, from other radiologic technologists, who are also MRI safety trained individuals. As most MRI technologists know things can go badly very quickly in MRI"

Features of the MRI Room Alert include:
▪ Notify qualified personnel when someone is stuck to the magnet.
▪ Notify qualified personnel when a patient has a medical emergency (such as a fall requiring assistance).
▪ Call out during a quench while in the room.
▪ Sequentially call text, and email multiple contacts.
▪ Call the base station for a sonic alert.
▪ Have multiple Room Alert Remote connects to a single Base Station for large MRI rooms.
▪ Instant view of MRI Room on your mobile phone with an Optional remote.
▪ And many more features.

About Sound Imaging
Sound Imaging, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of MRI products. Since its founding in 1996, the San Diego-based company has engineered a wide variety of imaging products that create a more comfortable patient experience. Sound Imaging provides a low-price guarantee on all of its products or service.