DocPanel selects Mach7 Technologies' eUnity Diagnostic Viewer to provide cloud-based mammography reading services

August 10, 2022
SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt., Aug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Mach7 Technologies, a company specializing in innovative medical imaging and data management solutions for healthcare providers, today announced it will be providing DocPanel with the innovative Mach7 eUnity Enterprise Diagnostic Viewer for cloud-based Mammography reading service.

DocPanel is the world's largest radiology marketplace that provides access to over 600 fellowship-trained subspecialty radiologists across the US for radiological reads, second opinions, educational consults, and workflow optimization support. Their new and unique model is designed to solve Radiology resource shortages and coverage gaps throughout the U.S. healthcare system.

"Every patient, regardless of their location, should have access to subspecialty providers for primary diagnosis," said Nirish Mathias, CEO of DocPanel. "Radiologist shortages across the country are driving delays in cases being read, which can impact the timely delivery of care and frustrate patients. Mach7 has helped us tackle this problem by sharing and aggregating the under-utilized capacity of subspecialty Radiologists to offer primary reading services under a unique marketplace model."

For the past four years, DocPanel has utilized eUnity to provide an advanced viewing platform that is fast, reliable, and intuitive, designed with the flexibility and independence to expand across facilities, geographies, and provider groups. Through close collaboration and partnership with Mach7, DocPanel has been able to customize eUnity to work effectively with their proprietary reading worklist, giving them a platform that allows radiologists to efficiently read studies from the Cloud in any location.

This foundational work is what enables DocPanel to use eUnity as their mammography viewer for cloud-based interpretation and diagnosis of Mammography cases, including Digital Breast Tomosynthesis studies, eliminating the need to use third-party mammography-specific workstations. With the addition of Mammography, approximately 85% of DocPanel's images are read exclusively through eUnity, including CTs, MRs, US, X-Rays, DEXA and Mammography images, with additional growth expected. Additionally, DocPanel is currently in advanced discussions to adopt the Mach7 Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) to increase capacity and improve the efficiency of loading additional case studies for primary subspecialty reads.

Mike Lampron, CEO of Mach7, said, "We are thrilled to come together with DocPanel to broaden the outreach and delivery of the Mach7 eUnity Enterprise Diagnostic Viewing platform to DocPanel's remarkable network of quality physicians. I am confident the Mach7 solution will prove invaluable to providing timely reading of Mammography studies to support this important woman's health subspecialty, and look forward to collaborating with DocPanel further to help them expand their innovative model."

About Mach7 Technologies:
Mach7 Technologies (ASX:M7T), founded in 2007, is a medical imaging systems provider that develops innovative image management and viewing solutions for healthcare organizations. The core of these offerings is the Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Solution, encompassing Enterprise Data Management, Enterprise Diagnostic Viewing and Departmental Workflow applications. Mach7's Enterprise Data Management solution, consisting of a powerful Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and data administration tools, allows for the fast storage, access, retrieval and viewing of images across a healthcare network with connectivity to the Cloud. In July 2020, Mach7 acquired Client Outlook and the eUnity Enterprise Diagnostic Viewing technology to augment Mach7's Enterprise Data Management and Departmental Workflow applications. eUnity is a zero-footprint, FDA-approved, image viewing solution that makes images accessible on any workstation. This offers healthcare professionals consolidated access to all patient images and data, ensuring clinical staff have timely access to the right information to diagnose and treat patients. Uniquely, the company also gives customers independence to deploy its solutions either on a component basis or in a unified comprehensive platform. With more than 150 customers across 15 different countries, Mach7 has built a global network of diverse customers that range from expansive Integrated Delivery Networks, National Health Systems, medical research facilities, and large academic medical institutions to regional community hospitals, private radiology practices, and independent provider groups.

About DocPanel:
DocPanel is the largest network of US-based academic and subspecialty radiologists who provide final reads, protocol optimization support, new-service launch assistance, second opinions, and educational consults to clients worldwide. DocPanel's mission is to ensure every imaging exam is read by the right subspecialist, while fostering the optimal reading environment for radiologists.

SOURCE Mach7 Technologies