Legent Imaging increases revenue, decreases rejected claims with Exa Platform and revenue cycle management solution

September 29, 2022
Wayne, NJ, September 28, 2022 – Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. announced today the implementation of Exa® PACS/RIS/Billing and the company's Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution, provided by All Covered, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.'s IT Services Division, at Legent Imaging, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services based in Frisco, TX. Through the RCM solution, All Covered processes claims and billing for Legent, leading to fewer denied claims, prompt payments by third-party insurers and patients, and increased revenue. The implementation of the Exa Platform provides Legent Imaging with a cost-effective, customized and integrated PACS, RIS and Billing solution that increases staff efficiency.

All Covered provides better management of information and more effective collaboration for its clients. Its comprehensive RCM solution is designed to reduce denials and accounts receivable days by streamlining the entire billing and insurance claims process. With an experienced medical billing and coding team, All Covered helps providers reduce administrative costs and challenges incurred with incorrect coding while also increasing profitability via faster and transparent reimbursement payments.

"Now with All Covered, we are receiving our reimbursements in a timely manner and we can reconcile these payments because the entire process is transparent," says Courtney Taylor, RT(R)(M)(ARRT), Radiology Manager at Legent Imaging. "Our claims are correctly coded, reducing the additional time and expense of revising and resubmitting rejected claims, and we know precisely which patient to apply that payment. The attention to detail, accuracy and expertise provided by All Covered is helping us to increase our revenue, especially by reducing claim denials."

Legent Imaging has implemented the Exa patient and physician portals, allowing for secure access to images and patient information anywhere and anytime for patients and referring physicians. The Exa Platform has further streamlined the care process from patient check-in to report turnaround, which are automatically faxed to referring physicians upon completion. Previously, Legent had a separate PACS and billing system that were not interoperable.

"The Exa Platform has taken our imaging center to the next level in terms of efficient workflow, time management and faster reporting that will help us grow our business," adds Taylor. "One of the best things about All Covered RCM and the Exa Platform is the solutions can grow with us as we add additional imaging centers throughout North Texas."

According to Navin Balakrishnaraja, CPHIMS, CHP, National Practice Director, Healthcare IT Services at All Covered, "We have streamlined the entire operation, especially revenue cycle management, to give them a 360° view of the entire revenue cycle including cash flow. They can add new providers or locations seamlessly through the platform, enabling future growth and an increase in revenue.

"By offering the All Covered RCM solution to Konica Minolta's Healthcare IT customers, we can help solve a common pain point for many imaging providers, namely lost revenue due to denied claims and the costs associated with managing the entire billing process," says Kevin Chlopecki, Chief Operating Officer at Konica Minolta Healthcare. "Our commitment to service is collaborative so our customers receive the support and solutions they need to do what they do best – deliver outstanding patient care."

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