Philips is leveraging the Masimo W1 health tracking watch to remotely monitor patients' vitals following discharge.

Philips and Masimo expand home vitals monitoring partnership

January 25, 2023
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
In an expansion of their existing partnership, Philips is integrating the Masimo W1 advanced health tracking watch into its IntelliVue Guardian enterprise patient monitoring solution.

Based on the company’s noninvasive blood parameter monitoring solutions, Masimo W1 provides accurate, continuous pulse oximetry measurements, as well as a number of other diagnostics, (hydration index, oxygen level, pulse rate, pulse rate variability, heart rate, respiration rate, a pleth variability index, and a perfusion index).

The companies aim to augment patient monitoring capabilities in home telehealth applications by integrating their solutions, allowing them to safely and more confidently discharge patients, conduct hospital-at-home programs, and manage chronic illnesses.

Masimo’s health data cloud will allow information to be safely transmitted to Philips’ patient monitors, which hospital clinicians can use to track patients in their daily lives.

"This may result in shorter hospital stays as patients can be monitored outside of the hospital. The ability to monitor patients across care settings gives providers the flexibility to keep pace with dynamic changes in care, and may reduce readmissions. Having a holistic view of the patient’s data can help clinicians to decide the optimal time to transition, support to detect early deterioration and intervene in a proactive and timely manner," Sachin Chaudhari, general manager of clinical applications and devices at Philips, told HCB News.

Masimo and Philips formed their multiyear business partnership in 2016 around patient monitoring and therapy solutions. In 2020, Philips became one of Masimo’s first industry partners to deploy additional advanced Masimo measurements, NomoLine and O3, within its IntelliVue MX-series multiparameter monitors; providing clinicians access to Masimo’s capnography and regional cerebral oximetry expertise.

This latest expansion will be discussed at Arab Health 2023, from January 30 to February 2 in Dubai.