Cardiac Imaging New Product Showcase

March 06, 2023
The following are just a few of the products and services that are raising the bar on what's possible in cardiovascular medicine.

Soteria.AI Image-Guided Cardiology Systems
Omega Medical Imaging

The first-ever FDA-approved AI-enabled X-ray system for cardiology.

The Soteria.AI from Omega Medical Imaging represents the next-generational leap in image-guided X-ray systems. Designed specifically for cardiology labs, Soteria.AI combines the newest, most advanced technologies in medical imaging and delivers spectacular image quality and the ultimate radiation protection — reducing dose by up to ~84%.

As the newest, most advanced system in medical imaging, Soteria.AI delivers the performance and safety Omega is known for. An AI-enabled ROI drives an ultrafast secondary collimator that goes beyond mere filtering to block radiation and provide unrivaled protection and state-of-the-art image processing. Installation in days, not months.

Shatter your expectations with the Soteria.AI. Learn more at

Reveal 35C X-Ray Detector
KA Imaging

Lateral radiographic spectral images taken with KA Imaging’s Reveal 35C detector, powered by SpectralDR™ technology, have shown coronary calcium — an indicator of coronary artery disease. SpectralDR™ bridges the gap between conventional X-ray and CT by enabling dual-energy subtraction. The Reveal 35C detector uses identical clinical techniques associated with state-of-the-art mobile DR X-ray and, with a single exposure, provides bone and tissue differentiation. “Conventional radiography doesn’t highlight coronary calcifications well; while studies show that dual-energy images are better suited for this task. By enabling lateral radiographic spectral images, SpectralDR™ opens new possibilities for cardiac imaging,” said Amol Karnick, president and CEO of KA Imaging. Learn more at

Studycast System
Core Sound Imaging

The Studycast system is more than just a PACS, it’s a total workflow solution.

From exam to chart, Studycast provides a unified platform for your cardiac lab — supporting imaging studies and diagnostic tests, including Holter and EKG. The cloud-based system enables you to view diagnostic-quality images immediately — no VPN needed. Work securely from any Internet-connected device, and take post-exam measurements in the browser.

Studycast connects seamlessly to your EMR, imaging equipment, and even AI, without sacrificing speed, security, or advanced features. Standards-based structured reporting tools automatically populate with measurements, and include interactive diagrams, automatic calculations, and a built-in Advisor to keep you accreditation compliant.

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Cardius X-ACT+

Step up to the ultimate Digital Cardiac Camera with the X-ACT+ from Digirad. Only the X-ACT+ gives you the power of CT technology based Attenuation Correction with the convenience and affordability of traditional SPECT. As the most cost-effective hybrid imager in cardiology, the X-ACT+ will bring your lab to the forefront of solid-state imaging with full field-of-view, triple-head, dedicated cardiac imaging. Don't settle — get it all with the X-ACT+ from Digirad. Learn more at