Ranger-300 Proton Beam Range Verification Tool

Ranger-300 by Logos Systems International

March 01, 2024
The Ranger-300 proton beam range verification tool gives a real-time view of 30 cm of the proton beam path as it travels toward its target depth, including the Bragg peak area, and proximal/distal locations of interest.

When mounted on the Logos Systems XRV-3000 Eagle or XRV-4000 Hawk phantom, the Ranger is oriented so the beam enters the 40 x 40 mm target window of the 305 mm transparent scintillator block. It is close to tissue equivalence, and the effective resolution is better than 0.5 mm over energy ranges from 70 to 230 MeV. Powerful BraggPeakView software performs the depth analysis.

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