Dr. El Serafi sharing his insights on AI

AI in radiology: A conversation in Dubai

May 24, 2023
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
My friend Ahmed El Serafi gave the keynote address at the second installment of a course offered by RSNA in Dubai.

The event was entitled, AI Adoption and Implementation: Applications and Opportunities in Radiology and took place May 19-20.

Dr. El Serafi has devoted a lot of energy to adopting artificial intelligence in diagnostic imaging. He's worked with over 20 firms in the space and lectures extensively in the Middle East.

He has real-world experience because he's using the technology in the imaging centers in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt that he is affiliated with.

Dr. El Serafi was an early adapter of AI and could not be more enthusiastic about the role that AI will play in the years to come.

We have all witnessed AI's rise to prominence in imaging, and more recently we have seen it playing a role in mainstream society. I take comfort in knowing people like Dr. El Serafi are working at the forefront of this revolutionary technology.