Gradient Health launches new product suite for medical AI developers

February 20, 2024
Raleigh, NC, February 20, 2024. Gradient Health, a medical technology company, is launching an all-new product suite for medical AI developers. Three products make up the suite comprising Atlas, Atlas+, and Atlas Concierge. With these offerings Gradient is aiming to redefine industry standards, offering unparalleled cost-effectiveness, speed and quality to those applying artificial intelligence (AI) to the world’s most urgent health problems.

Securing sufficient volumes of representative cases for training new AI tools is crucial to avoiding bias and ensuring efficacy. However, until now the high costs and extensive timelines associated with data-sourcing have been significant barriers, stifling the advancement of medical AI and delaying the realization of their potential benefits. This issue is further compounded by the diverse landscape of medical AI developers, which often ranges from small, clinician-led, startups to large multinational corporations, each with varying levels of technical expertise and resources. The Atlas suite is designed to cater to this wide spectrum of developers, whilst also ensuring cost-effectiveness, exceptional quality, and rapid delivery across all products.

"No matter what stage of company you are, Gradient Health now offers the ideal data-sourcing subscription for you. With Atlas, we've eliminated the traditional, time-consuming back-and-forth communication and lengthy waits for data. Instead, you can now self-serve your data needs, enjoying instant previews and full data delivery in less than 72 hours, all at a fraction of the price. Next, for those developers who need exceptionally large or highly complex data, we’ve created Atlas+, our most powerful tool for technical users. Finally, for those developers working on health issues that require their undivided attention we created Atlas Concierge, a fully outsourced data delivery service." – said Josh Miller, CEO of Gradient Health. He added “We’re excited to see the impact this makes on our customers development timelines, and in turn to the patients they are helping.”

Atlas Concierge is Gradient’s fully outsourced data delivery service. Customers without the resources or experience needed to conduct self-service searches can benefit from Gradient Health’s expertise and guidance with this premium offering.

Recognizing the critical importance of using representative, unbiased data in building safe and effective AI, Gradient has created a unique feature common to the whole suite: a tool that allows a visual, intuitive assessment of the data's diversity and comprehensiveness. Furthermore, every image and dataset Gradient provides is thoroughly de-identified, reducing compliance risks and streamlining regulatory processes.

One of the first customers to use Atlas was the leading radiology AI company Riverrain Technologies. Their Chief Technical Officer Jason Knapp shared their experience: “The turnaround time from selection to acquisition is unheard of in the industry. The thumbnail preview of the entire study is extremely valuable, as it tells us more about patients we may potentially select – even more than what might be captured by the radiology report.” Adding “the dashboard that provides a summary of available data is impressive and will help us make more informed decisions regarding how to best stratify our selection to maximize geographic and acquisition source variability.”

With over 5 million studies currently available and an anticipated growth to 14 million next month, the platform offers extensive search capabilities, including DICOM tags and radiology reports, and provides instant previews and demographic visualizations.

Gradient Health is inviting new customers to experience the power of the Atlas suite with a complimentary 7-day trial.

About Gradient Health
Gradient Health is a medical technology company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.

They provide access to the medical images needed to train and validate medical AI technologies, getting more equitable innovations to market faster. They were founded to power better medical research by accelerating AI development.