Cincinnati Children's drives significant outcomes with ThinkAndor AI virtual health platform

February 21, 2024
ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Andor Health, the AI company reimagining virtual care, expands its partnership with Cincinnati Children's to power Virtual Visits and Digital Front Door capabilities.

Cincinnati Children's, the #1 ranked children's hospital in the US according to U.S. News and World Report, is committed to advancing healthcare through innovative treatments to improve outcomes for children and families. It will use Andor Health's generative AI capabilities to automate and expedite highly orchestrated virtual care processes across all care environments – in the clinic, at home, or in the community.

With ThinkAndor® as the virtual chassis, Cincinnati Children's is expanding reach and access for complex patients who require more intensive interventions.

AI-powered ThinkAndor® curates a virtual command center to manage all virtual experiences including:

Virtual Visits & Digital Front Door
Virtual Hospital including Virtual Nursing, Virtual Sitting, On-demand Consultations
Virtual Patient Monitoring
Virtual Team & Virtual Community Collaboration

In addition, ThinkAndor's flexible infrastructure and agnostic approach to device end points allows the organization to leverage any video endpoint, creating a consistent virtual experience for both the patient and clinician.

"As the leading pediatric hospital in the nation, Cincinnati Children's strives to provide patients and families with the highest quality care and the best patient and family experience," said Jennifer Ruschman, AVP, Digital Health. "We use ThinkAndor® to help us deliver complex video visits across our ambulatory care setting, including connected diagnostic devices, leveraging appointment notification in multiple languages, and navigating technical testing with patients and families, all in furtherance of Cincinnati Children's mission to deliver high quality health outcomes and experiences for children with complicated health and social needs."

AI-powered ThinkAndor® Virtual Visits and Digital Front Door capabilities enable health systems to provide patients with optimized and efficient access to virtual on-demand services. With easy integration into EMRs and smart devices, ThinkAndor® right-sizes needs across lines of service by creating ease of access, navigation, and visibility for patients. Health systems that layer their EMRs with ThinkAndor® can configure virtual experiences across all care settings while decreasing staff burden.

"In the evolving landscape of healthcare, where demand for care is rising and clinical resources are limited, embracing virtual health becomes imperative," stated Pritesh Patel, Chief Operating Officer of Andor Health. "Generative AI and large language models like OpenAI enhance clinical workflows, eliminate documentation overhead and burden, and enhance operational efficiency of care teams while meeting the evolving needs of healthcare. Our commitment to leveraging AI to optimize virtual health not only addresses the challenges of increased demand but also empowers health systems with a robust and efficient solution."

About Andor Health
Andor Health revolutionizes clinical care through generative AI-powered virtual experiences across the continuum. ThinkAndor® empowers healthcare providers with actionable insights and ambient monitoring by harnessing generative AI to procure, process, and intelligently translate data and signals trapped in various systems including electronic medical records and biometric devices. With proven ROI, ThinkAndor® puts AI into action by improving workflows, time to treatment, patient outcomes, and clinical productivity. For more information, visit Andor Health or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.