Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center expands lung cancer screening program by leveraging AI software to track patients

March 07, 2024
DENVER, March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Based in Upstate New York, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center is intensifying its efforts to increase lung cancer screenings in the greater Buffalo area by partnering with Denver-based Eon, a leading health-tech company, to leverage its proprietary artificial intelligence patient management software.

According to the American Lung Association, 44% of lung cancer cases are not caught until a late stage, when the survival rate is only 8%. In New York State, only 6% of people eligible are being screened for lung cancer, which is a simple low-dose CT exam, and can be crucial to early detection and treatment. In late 2022, Roswell Park launched an initiative to reduce barriers to care and reach more patients by deploying a lung screening program on wheels to provide greater access in both the rural and urban communities they serve. In leveraging Eon Patient Management (EPM) to longitudinally track and manage lung cancer screening patients, Roswell Park will be able to improve outcomes by ensuring more patients return for guideline-driven follow-up care.

Lung cancer screening can be laborious and time-consuming and often entails significant manual data entry. Eon's lung cancer screening (LCS) patient management platform uses advanced AI to automate routine administrative tasks, without interrupting radiology workflows. Care teams are then able to focus on patients with significant findings while automating communication and follow-up care for low-risk patients. This not only improves patient care but will significantly broaden their LCS program's bandwidth and increase patient adherence to annual screenings.

"We're excited about partnering with Eon. Together we've developed an innovative way to quickly enroll, screen, and guide care for many patients, hopefully catching more cancers early," said Mary Reid, Chief of Cancer Screening and Survivorship at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. "We know there are thousands more patients who should be screened and aren't, or who may have nodules that we can detect before they develop into an invasive cancer. As the only National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center in Upstate New York, we look to every way to decrease the impact of cancer on our communities, and we believe we have an opportunity to save many lives with this program."

About Eon
Eon is a health data science company that utilizes computational linguistics, workflow automation, and tech-enabled virtual navigation services to track incidental findings across a variety of medical disciplines throughout the course of a patient's health journey. Eon exists to ensure the right data reaches the right people at the right time to make patients healthier and health care affordable.

About Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
From the world's first chemotherapy research to the PSA prostate cancer biomarker, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center generates innovations that shape how cancer is detected, treated, and prevented worldwide. Driven to eliminate cancer's grip on humanity, the Roswell Park team of 4,000 makes compassionate, patient-centered cancer care and services accessible across New York State and beyond. Founded in 1898, Roswell Park was among the first three cancer centers nationwide to become a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center and is the only one to hold this designation in Upstate New York.