Eskenazi Health announces upcoming opening of new Eastside location

March 25, 2024
Eskenazi Health and Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County officially unveiled its newest and largest health center, Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus, during a ribbon cutting ceremony earlier today. The new facility is set to open on April 17.

The 95,000 square-foot health center is part of a nearly $90 million investment in capital improvements to primary care facilities across Marion County, and will be Eskenazi Health’s most comprehensive, innovative and community-focused health center on the east side of Indianapolis.

“At Eskenazi Health, we’re committed to improving the health and vitality of our patients, and, by extension, the health and vitality of our community by providing ready access to care that encompasses the whole person while also addressing the many societal factors important to good health. The care we provide within our walls as well as the work we do in partnership across our community are at the very heart of this commitment,” said Lisa Harris, M.D., chief executive officer of Eskenazi Health.

Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus, which is located at 6002 E. 38th St. at the northeast corner of East 38th Street and North Arlington Avenue, will welcome new patients and those currently served by Eskenazi Health Center Forest Manor and Eskenazi Health Center North Arlington. Eskenazi Health collaborated with members of the immediate neighborhoods and community organizations throughout the planning and design of the building. Guided by community input, the facility will serve as a hub for community gathering, providing expanded and accessible care options and social amenities under one roof.

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said Eskenazi Health’s investment will have a great impact on neighborhoods throughout Indianapolis. “This large investment allows for a more accessible, high quality and affordable route to health care for eastside residents,” he said. “The City of Indianapolis is grateful for this monumental addition to quality of life in our community and are excited for the benefits it will bring.”

“Eskenazi Health’s investment into Central Indiana is an example of what can be accomplished when residents, community leaders and local business work together and address the needs of the community,” Gov. Eric Holcomb said. “Eskenazi Health understands that a healthy community is a vibrant community and has proven their commitment to Indianapolis today and well into the future.”

“Indianapolis residents’ health needs are vast,” said Congressman André Carson (IN-07). “The Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus will make primary care accessible to the east side, preventing more serious diseases, helping early detection, and contributing to better quality of life. Every Indianapolis resident should have access to quality health care, and this innovative new campus is helping make that vision a reality.”

Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus is the second facility built under the Eskenazi Health name since the opening of Eskenazi Health Center West 38th Street in October 2013.

“We’re providing a one-stop-shop, comprehensive and inclusive care to our patients located on the east side of Indianapolis,” said Dawn Haut, M.D., chief executive officer of Eskenazi Health Center, the primary care division of Eskenazi Health and a federally qualified health center. “This new campus will provide not only an Eskenazi Health flagship on the east side, but also an evolution of an understanding of the care needed by our patients and the community."

The new facility will transform a former paved area into green space, making it a premier destination for local community events and recreational activities. It is conveniently located along the new IndyGo Purple Line and will offer eastside residents access to primary care, Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center and Marion County Public Health Department services.

“The integration of Marion County Public Health Department services available at the Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus is yet another way to improve convenience and accessibility to health services for our eastside neighbors, all in one location,” said Virginia A. Caine, M.D., director and chief medical officer of the Marion County Public Health Department. “The combined efforts reinforce our commitment to helping Marion County residents achieve their optimal health and wellness.”

Earlier this month, Eskenazi Health announced a lead gift of $2.5 million from Thomas and Arlene Grande. The Grandes made their lead gift to Eskenazi Health Foundation’s Beyond Barriers campaign, an initiative that supports Eskenazi Health’s longstanding commitment to addressing the social drivers that impact the health and well-being of residents in Marion County and across Central Indiana.

“A healthy community is one where every neighbor can thrive, with access to healthy food, mental health and physical health care. We are delighted that this new facility and its programs will help members of this neighborhood achieve their healthiest lives,” said Tom and Arlene Grande.

“Tom and Arlene Grande have been champions of the work of Eskenazi Health and the east side of Indianapolis for decades,” said Ernie Vargo II, CFRE, president and chief executive officer of Eskenazi Health Foundation. “We are extraordinarily grateful for their generous leadership gift to the Beyond Barriers Campaign and for their vision to promote healthy, thriving neighborhoods across our community.”

Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus will offer increased access to financial counseling services, podiatry, chiropractic services, physical therapy/rehabilitation services, imaging services (X-ray, CT, MRI, mammography and ultrasound), pharmacy, and lifestyle medicine. It will include 73 exam rooms for primary care services for adults, children and teens; mental health services; OB/GYN services; 28 consultation rooms for Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center services; dietitians; social workers; Eskenazi Health Medical-Legal Partnership; and research.

"Sandra Eskenanzi Mental Health Center is delighted to bring our expertise and services to the eastside community," said Ashley Overley, M.D., chief executive officer of Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center and vice president of mental health operations for Eskenazi Health. "Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center is dedicated to providing high quality evidence-based services and resources to help patients create a better quality of life for themselves and their community. We are truly honored to be a new addition to this area of Indianapolis."

As part of the opening of the new Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus, the services provided at Eskenazi Health Center Forest Manor and Eskenazi Health Center North Arlington will transition to the new facility on April 17.

“I can’t wait to experience the new building and see all that it has to offer,” says Gail Reaves, Eskenazi Health Center patient. “I am grateful for my time as a patient and all the support I have received to improve my health and well-being. I look forward to continuing my journey and taking part in more nutrition classes and meeting other fellow patients.”

“As a physician that has served the eastside community at Eskenazi Health Center Forest Manor, I am honored to witness the growth and support Eskenazi Health is providing the community. In my years of service, I’m excited to see how this new community-centered facility will affect the surrounding neighborhoods,” said Broderick Rhyant, M.D., chief physician executive with Eskenazi Health Center Grande.

The new Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus is on track for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver certification through the selection of sustainable materials and introducing a vast number of green spaces. Efficient building systems and an abundance of natural light will help bring daylight inside the facility while creating a welcoming and healing environment.

“A core part of our mission is to provide health care access to those who are underserved, and with the opening of this incredible new Eskenazi Health facility, residents of the east side will have increased access to some of the best care available in our state,” said Paul Babcock, chief executive officer of Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County. “Having Eskenazi Health providers and critical public health services provided by the Marion County Public Health Department under one roof is a major step toward expanding access for our community across Marion County.”

In addition to walking paths, two outdoor spaces – the East and West Plaza of Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation Gardens – will welcome patients and visitors. There will also be a large garden and an orchard along the north end of the campus.

“Access to high quality health care is crucial for healthy and vibrant communities,” stated Keith Graves, Indianapolis City-County Councilor for District 9. “I want to thank and commend Eskenazi Health for honoring and overdelivering on their promise to Indy’s east side. This new health complex is not just another doctors’ office. It will become a beacon of growth and possibility dedicated to a holistic approach to improving the quality of life for our residents.”

For more than 160 years, Eskenazi Health has served the Indianapolis community by investing in improvements that best meet the needs of patients and enhance the community’s quality of life.

“As we continue to fulfill our purpose of building and improving the quality of life among eastside communities, we are truly excited to see the new Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus come to fruition,” said Ashley Gurvitz, executive director and chief executive officer for the United Northeast Community Development Corporation. “We believe Eskenazi Health’s new addition in our community will have a positive impact and creates accessibility to health care to our underserved.”

“I couldn’t be more excited for us all,” said James Campbell, president of the Sheridan Heights Association for Neighborhood Enhancement (SHANE). “From the leaders of Eskenazi Health who had the vision, to the community members who came together to help focus that vision, to the people employed to build this beautiful complex, and to the husband and wife who share in the mission so strongly that they wanted their name and legacy forever attached, this is the result of shared passions coming together to build something great.”

Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus project has established supplier diversity goals of a minimum of 15% minority business enterprise (MBE) participation, 8% women business enterprise (WBE) participation, 3% veteran business enterprise (VBE) participation, and 1% disability-owned enterprise (DOBE) participation over the course of the project effort. These goals have been exceeded, with a total diversity spend of nearly 40%.

“Eskenazi Health’s commitment to the community and making resources available and convenient for its patients is truly exemplified with this new health campus. I am honored to celebrate this incredible new asset for the east side of Indianapolis,” said Robert Lazard, chairperson for the Board of Trustees for Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County.

“Eskenazi Health and Eskenazi Health Center truly care about their diverse and unique patient population, always looking to provide new programs and opportunities to best serve their patients’ needs and meet them where they are,” said Howard Stevenson, vice chairperson for the Eskenazi Health Center Board of Directors.

Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus will also serve as a new home for the expansion of the Eskenazi Health Public Art Collection thanks to philanthropic support from Eskenazi Health Foundation. Artworks from 51 artists, including many from or with ties to Indianapolis’ east side, will be available for all to enjoy both inside the building and the surrounding campus.

In 2023, Eskenazi Health provided care through 437,113 outpatient primary care visits with 105,851 unique patients receiving care through the health system. Eskenazi Health provides primary care services through the Eskenazi Health Center system that has several locations throughout the neighborhoods of Indianapolis. These facilities offer a sliding fee discount program based on household size and income and are open to all, regardless of ability to pay. As one of the largest providers of health care services in Indiana, Eskenazi Health is dedicated to providing convenient, high-quality, patient-focused care to all of Marion County and Central Indiana.