ImagingU releases online MRI modules for bite-sized learning and earning CE credits

April 16, 2024
ORLANDO, Fla., Apr. 12, 2024 — Today, online MRI and CT education leader, ImagingU, announced the release of a series of learning modules to help students and technologists dive deeper into specific MRI topics.

Each module is a standalone unit of content focused on a particular aspect of MRI, such as pulse sequences, spatial encoding, or cardiology. The new modules provide opportunities for bite-sized learning by breaking down MRI concepts and topics into small, digestible chunks.

ImagingU’s new modules complement its existing course catalog, which includes comprehensive MRI education for multiple topics and skill areas such as Post Primary Pathway Certification and Advanced Safety and MRSO Training.

With the modules, students can improve their knowledge within specific subject areas of their choosing (without having to purchase a full course). MRI technologists can also use the modules to earn Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Like ImagingU’s courses, the modules include engaging animations and interactive lectures, which helps users absorb the information. Plus, since the modules are self-guided, learners can move through the content at a pace that’s comfortable for them.

Examples of the new modules include:

Contrast Agents: Mechanisms and Effects
Advanced Pulse Sequences and Echo Formation
CMR – Heart Anatomy and Localization
CMR – Mapping
MRI Physics and Fundamentals

“ImagingU’s modules help students build their skills in specific areas where they may need improvement or additional practice,” said Matthew Hayes, President and Creator of ImagingU. “We’re proud to offer these focused, bite-sized educational opportunities that empower technologists to take learning into their own hands.”