SimonMed Imaging announces integration of Infervision’s FDA-approved InferRead Lung CT.AI technology at SimonMed facilities

April 18, 2024
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 10, 2024 – SimonMed Imaging ("SimonMed"), one of the largest outpatient medical imaging providers and radiology practices in the United States, announced today the integration of Infervision’s FDA-approved AI-powered InferRead Lung CT.AI technology at SimonMed facilities. This cutting-edge technology aims to enhance the identification of pulmonary nodules in patients, with significantly increased nodule detection, as well as 3-D characterization and comparison of nodules. It will be integrated into CT chest scan readings, including those for lung cancer screening.

Dr. John Simon, CEO and Founder, commented “The utilization of Infervision Lung CT.AI is another example of SimonMed using the newest technological advancements to improve patient care by helping to provide more accurate diagnoses including using multi-dimensional analyses to better identify sequential changes in nodules, as well as providing improved detection sensitivity. In addition, the technology can identify and help create prioritization of acute cases such as pneumonia.”

Matt Deng, Vice president, and Head of Infervision America, commented “At Infervision, our mission is to improve human life with AI. This collaboration highlights AI's advanced capabilities in detecting and characterizing pulmonary nodules and demonstrates our dedication to improving patient care. We are proud to partner with SimonMed Imaging to bring this cutting-edge technology to healthcare providers and patients, driving the future of healthcare through AI innovation.”

The technology automatically displays boxes around nodules in a new series providing standardized reporting of all nodule characteristics including image number, type of nodule, and volume. Additionally, it assesses previous exams to track changes in diameter and volume. In cases where pneumonia is suspected, the technology prioritizes them for immediate reporting.

InferRead Lung CT.AI is engineered to aid radiologists in pulmonary nodule detection during the review of chest CT scans, increasing accuracy and efficiency. The collaboration is one of many AI projects underway at SimonMed to continue to advance the patient experience through new technologies.

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