Top 100 U.S. hospital health system selects Intelerad to deliver enterprise imaging solutions

April 24, 2024
Raleigh, NC – April 24, 2024 – Intelerad Medical Systems™, a global leader in medical imaging software solutions, today announced the successful go-live of its enterprise imaging solutions at a top 100 U.S. hospital health system. The organization, which oversees 12 hospitals in the Southeastern United States, will utilize Intelerad’s flagship products, IntelePACS® with Clario SmartWorklist, to enable upwards of five radiology groups to read more than two million medical imaging studies per year over the course of the multi-year contract. The implementation is Intelerad’s second recent go-live for a major health system, most notably signing a multi-year contract with a top 50 U.S. hospital in Michigan.

A key factor in the leading hospital healthcare team’s decision was its radiologists’ satisfaction with Intelerad’s scalable picture archiving solution (PACS), which offers a robust platform for storing, retrieving, and routing medical images, remote reading capabilities and interoperability. Paired with Clario SmartWorklist, a cloud-based vendor-neutral workflow orchestrator that provides a sole source for managing all imaging workflow and patient data, Intelerad’s offerings will empower its users to scale as needed while delivering workflow efficiencies for healthcare providers.

"Intelerad’s strength lies in our ability to scale and innovate in response to the ever-evolving needs of the healthcare sector," said Intelerad CEO Jordan Bazinsky. "Our technology offers tangible solutions to solve industry-wide challenges, and this partnership is a testament to the trust that large healthcare systems place in us to problem solve and incite positive change."

The collaboration’s timing coincides with a critical period in the healthcare industry, as providers continue to face financial strain, burnout, and staff shortages. More than 85% of outpatient facilities and hospitals face staff shortages, and the U.S. Department of Labor predicts a 10% uptick in staffing demand across radiology-based professions. Now more than ever, providers are prioritizing the implementation of the best possible solutions and tools, ensuring the efficient utilization of high-quality resources to achieve more with limited means.

"As the healthcare industry strives for greater efficiency and a higher quality of care, we are proud to be viewed as a partner that delivers tangible value," said Intelerad’s Chief Growth Officer Chris Hare. "Our innovative solutions are increasingly leveraged by top healthcare systems around the world and are proven to be essential tools for empowering better reading capabilities for radiologists.”

About Intelerad
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