From the cappuccino maker
to the linear accelerator
the new facility is fully equipped

South Florida Cancer Clinic: A Leader in the Patient Care Movement

July 29, 2009
by Joan Trombetti, Writer
1st Line Oncology has opened a next-generation radiation therapy in Coconut Creek, FL, led by Board Certified Radiation Oncologist Edward J. Kaplan, MD.

Dr. Kaplan is the brains behind 1st Line Oncology and says that every element in the center was chosen with the patient in mind, from its name, which is meant to inspire confidence and purpose, to its spa feel and the latest technology -- from the cappuccino maker to the linear accelerator.

"A cancer diagnosis catches most people off-guard and can be overwhelming. Most people have no familiarity with the disease, let alone the terminology used to describe it, or the often times confusing options offered to them," says Dr. Kaplan. "Our patients normally visit weekdays, often for weeks at a time, while they are receiving their radiation treatments. So, we made a concerted effort to let them stay focused on getting better rather than worrying about selecting the right medical team. From the moment they enter our door, our patients know that they have come to the right place."

Dr. Kaplin has more than 20 years' experience in the medical field. He has developed a patented chemotherapy treatment that was recently recognized by the State of Florida for its potential merit as a recipient of research funding by the National Cancer Institute. Kaplan has dubbed the therapy, entotherapy, and it involves the placement of cupcake sprinkle-sized absorbable plastic seeds directly into cancers. The first prototype seeds will be intended for use in brain tumors, where there is a desperate need for better interventions.

It has been his passion for the well-being of his patients that led him to create the finest cancer center in Broward County.

1st Line Oncology's all-digital Elekta Synergy radiation therapy unit is the "hi-def" version of radiotherapy and is the most advanced linear accelerator on the market today. Its image-guidance tools are the most sophisticated available, assuring precision targeting of patients' cancers.

Currently, the center is awaiting FDA approval of Elekta's futuristic treatment software that promises to speed treatments and trim the amount of radiation necessary to kill a tumor.

1st Line Oncology is in Strada, an Italian Renaissance Commercial Village with easy access from all points in the area. Still under development, Strada will feature several buildings with leasing opportunities. For more information visit