This Item is no longer available.
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This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 4 Equipment Listings matching 'HAEMONETICS Aquapheresis System ' on DOTmed

For Sale HAEMONETICS Aquapheresis System

LISTING #1110547
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  • October 21, 2011
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Item Summary for HAEMONETICS Aquapheresis System

CHF Aquadex FlexFlow

Aquapheresis Fluid Overload (Water/Sodium) Removal System


I believe this Aquadex FlexFlow system is in working condition. It powers on, passes the self check and navigates the onscreen menu without error. It is in perfect cosmetic condition and I guarantee it will not be DOA. This system is used to treat fluid overload to remove up to 500ml/hr of excess water and sodium from the blood to treat a variety of medical conditions.

Comes with the Aquadex FlexFlow console, rolling stand, power cord and 4 New UF500 Sets. The UF500 sets are new and sealed but they are dated 2011/5. I believe the sets have everything needed to use this system to include the data key, sensors, tubing, filters and waste bag. Has an internal backup battery that is holding a charge. The rolling stand is original to the device and an accessory basket, cord wrap, bag hook and locking wheels.

If you are looking at this listing you likely know more about this system than I do. I called the manufacture and was informed this device was manufactured in 2007 so it is only 4 years old and a current model. There is a lot of information about this device on the CHF Solutions website. I suggest you take a look or better yet call them to determine what it is going to take to put this system in use.

•CHF Solutions Aquadex FlexFlow
•Aquapherisis Fluid Overload Treatment System
•Model: FlexFlow S100
•Serial No: 0291
•100-240 VAC - 50/60 Hz - 2.0 Amps
•(4) Sealed UF 500 Sets (2011/5)
•Rolling stand w/ basket
•Made in the UK

From the manufacturer's website-

Aquadex FlexFlow Aquapheresis Therapy

Aquapheresis Therapy using the Aquadex FlexFlow Fluid Removal System from CHF Solutions is specifically designed to safely, predictably, and effectively remove excess fluid from patients with fluid overload.

By removing excess salt and water in a safe, predictable, and effective manner, the Aquadex FlexFlow improves symptoms and clinical outcomes and enables the focus to be on treating the underlying clinical condition, whatever it may be

The Aquadex FlexFlow is a sophisticated system engineered to simply, safely, and precisely remove excess fluid (primarily excess salt and water) from patients suffering from fluid overload. With the Aquadex FlexFlow, medical practitioners can specify and control the amount of fluid to be extracted from a patient's blood at the most safe, predictable, and effective rate.

Peripheral or central venous access may be used to access the patients’ blood and up to 500 ml or 1.1 lb of fluid can be safely removed per hour. The average removal rate is 250 ml or ½ lb an hour and treatment usually lasts about 24 hours.

The Aquadex FlexFlow has been shown to have no clinically significant impact on electrolyte balance, blood pressure or heart rate.


There is no sign of wear or damage to this system. It powers on, passes the self-check and appears ready to use. I was easily able to navigate the onscreen instructions. The internal battery is holding a charge indicated by the device still running when I unplugged it. The rolling stand is very nice and original to the console. The 4 sets are new, sealed and unopened but the expirey is dated 2011/5. I believe this system will work but it would be proper to have it checked by authorized personnel before using. There are no manuals included.


2007 according to the manufacturer. I believe it was originally purchased in 2008


On the stand: 55" tall x 20" diameter base

Console only: 15" tall x 10" wide x 11" front to back


I stand behind everything I sell and I guarantee this CHF Aquades FlexFlow is exact to the description and pictures I have provided here or return it for a refund.


Weight before packing is 55 lbs for everything pictured.

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