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This Item is no longer available.
Click here to see the 136 Equipment Listings matching 'ROCHE Hitachi 911 Chemistry Analyzer' on DOTmed
This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 136 Equipment Listings matching 'ROCHE Hitachi 911 Chemistry Analyzer' on DOTmed

For Sale ROCHE Hitachi 911 Chemistry Analyzer

LISTING #1172512
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  • Used - Excellent
  • Date updated:
  • March 06, 2012
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Item Summary for ROCHE Hitachi 911 Chemistry Analyzer

Roche Hitachi 911 Chemistry Analyzer is a fully automated- discrete- computerized chemistry analyzer that uses serum- urine- plasma and CSF sample types to perform in vitro quantitative and qualitative tests on a wide range of alalytes. In addition it is capable of performing potentiometric and photometric assays. The Hitachi 911 analyzer is composed of two units. The analytical unit and the control unit: The Analytical unit consists of an ISE System- a photometric measuring system- and a CPU. The Control unit consists of a monitor (CRT)- a keyboard- and a printer. Features of the Hitachi 911 include; STAT results available quickly- ready to use 24 hours per day- 360 tests/hr throughput (photometric)- 720 tests/hr throughput with ISE (Ka+- Na+- Cl-)- 46 programmable tests- automatic calibration- and refrigerated storage for 64 reagent containers.

Assay Types:
- Monochromatic
- Bi-chromatic
- Endpoint
- Kinetic
- Simultaneous endpoint and kinetic
- Endpoint with sample blanking
- Kinetic with sample blanking
- Simultaneous double endpoint and double kinetic
Roche Hitachi 911 Chemistry Analyzer Specification
Sampling System:
Photometric 360 Test Per Hour
Photometric & ISE 760 tests/hour
Sample volume per test: 3 - 50uL
Sampling rate: Once every 10 seconds for photometric chemistries- Once every 20 seconds for ISE
Bar Code Reader Formats: Coda bar- Interleaf 2 of 5- Code 39- Code 128
ISE System:
Sample volume: 15 uL
Photometric and ISE 760 tests/hour
Reagent System:
Reagent dispense volume: 25 - 350 mL per reagent (in 1mL increments)
Reagent storage capacity: 2 compartments (12 C or less) 32 position each for reagent. Each reagent compartment has an additional position #33 for Hitergent<-
Total reaction volume/test: 250 - 500 mL


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