For Sale RICHMAR Autosound 7.6 Combo Sound/Stim.

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  • Used - Good
  • Date updated:
  • April 19, 2018

Item Summary for RICHMAR Autosound 7.6 Combo Sound/Stim.

Richmar Autosound 7.6 Combo

History – This item is owned by one of our long time distributors who has asked us to list it for them. The unit was taken out of a working office and was fully function at that time. We have seen the unit and it appears to be in very good condition. Unit is sold “as is”, but guaranteed not to be DOA unless marked as “parts only”.

Description – Richmar introduces the first completely Hands-Free Combo Device!
A revolution in the way ultrasound therapy is applied!

A patented, hands-free ultrasound has been brought to the market thanks to the innovation of the Richmar Corporation. The Autosound uses a patented design to actually move the ultrasound field via multiple crystals in a single microprocessor-controlled applicator that mimics human movement. This patented device will change the way ultrasound is used in therapeutic settings. No longer will ultrasound require that you manually apply and move the transducer.

Autosound Features:
- The AutoSound 7.6 is a combination system offering therapeutic ultrasound and a 2-channel electrotherapy system
- The ultrasound provides up to 2.0 W/cm2 output capability allowing for both non-thermal and thermal treatments.
- It the new 4-crystal Autosound applicator as well as a conventional transducer head with 2cm and 5cm applicators for manual treatments
- The unit offers 1&3 Mhz output as well as continuous and pulsed modes.
- The AutoSound applicator is held in place with a strap (3 sizes of straps included).
- Allows easy positioning on virtually any body part including wrist, arms, shoulders, knees, ankls and more.
- The AutoSound actually applies ultrasound more effectively than manual application because it moves the treatment at precisely 4cm per sec. across four crystals in the applicator.
- Output moves in a uni-directional manner allowing for equal dosage over the entire transducer and enhanced mechanical effects to maximize treatment.
Electrotherapy Features:
- Waveforms offered are Quadpolar IFC, Pre-Mod IFC and Russian Muscle Stim waveforms.
- Five built-in programs for all the most commmonly applied treatments
- Electrotherapy treatments are applied in the traditional method with electrodes.
- A patient safety switch is included.
Download the Autosound 7.6 Specifications sheet from the Documentation link below.
- The Autosound Applicator is available on 3 models, the Autosound 5.6 Ultrasound, Autosound 7.6 Combo Unit (CUS-185) and the new Autosound 9.6 Four Channel Touch-screen Combination Therapy System (CST-190).
Color: Parchment White and Blue

Availability - Cleaned, packed and ready to go. Usually ship 1-5 working days after receipt of you payment to our Paypal account.



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