This Item is no longer available.
Click here to see the 5 Parts Listings matching 'GRASS EEG Unit Part #FS-E5GH' on DOTmed
This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 5 Parts Listings matching 'GRASS EEG Unit Part #FS-E5GH' on DOTmed

For Sale GRASS Genuine Electrodes EEG Unit Parts P/N FS-E5GH

LISTING #940756
  • Date updated:
  • August 12, 2013
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Item Summary

Part Number: FS-E5GH Gold Disc 60 inch

Grass Gold Surface Electrodes 60 inches:

________________________________________Get unsurpassed recording clarity, long life and dependability right from the start. Every Grass electrode is made of the finest materials and is precision handcrafted in an exclusive 12-step manufacturing process. The result is superior quality that assures reliable, accurate EEG, EMG, ECG and EOG recordings.
Each and every Genuine Grass Electrode is tested for mechanical and electrical properties to ensure high performance
All Grass Electrodes listed with the FS- prefix are provided with GRASS molded SAFELEAD insulated female 0.059-inch (1.5 mm) diameter molded connectors to meet the DIN standard.
Molded SAFELEAD electrodes are available with either the Traditional Light-weight Teflon Wire or new No-tangle Wire.

The FDA has mandated the use of "protected" electrode leads (having no exposed conductors) to prevent the inadvertent connection to AC power sources.

All Grass Electrodes listed with the FD- prefix have a larger O.D. for a more secure fit in certain headboxes and are provided with GRASS hand-crafted SAFELEAD insulated female 0.059-inch (1.5mm) diameter molded connectors to meet the DIN standard. The connectors with special sizing allow more finger room when used with headboxes having closely spaced jacks.

-Gold electrodes have heavy gold plate over pure silver.
-Hole drilled in stem permits full lead wire insertion to make good mechanical bond.
-The lead wire is strain relieved and very durable to prevent all fluid invasions to maintain purity.
-Disc electrodes with hole for application of electrode cream or gel.


-Highly flexible Teflon — will not take a set. Autoclavable.
-Extremely supple No-Tangle – tangle resistant. Autoclavable.
-Teflon insulated wire:
-No-Tangle insulated wire: 60 inches (152)
-Packaged 10/box.
-Packaged in a clear plastic display case so you can easily count the remaining quantity.
-Lead wires are neatly coiled for ease of use.
-Packaged non-sterile. All models steam sterilizable.

Qty 1 - Box of 10 Gold Electrodes FS-E5GH 60 inch (152cm)

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Cosmetic - New
Working - New

Please contact us for any more information


Meena Medical Equipment Inc.

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