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This Item is no longer available.
Click here to see the 9 Equipment Listings matching 'CONCEPT 9700 Arthroscopy Electrosurgical Unit' on DOTmed
This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 9 Equipment Listings matching 'CONCEPT 9700 Arthroscopy Electrosurgical Unit' on DOTmed

For Sale CONCEPT 9700 Arthroscopy Electrosurgical Unit

LISTING #1271453
  • Condition:
  • Used - Good
  • Date updated:
  • January 23, 2013
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Item Summary for CONCEPT 9700 Arthroscopy Electrosurgical Unit

Concept ESA 9700

Arthroscopy ESU Electrosurgical Generator

Coagulate & Cut


This Concept 9700 ESU is in excellent cosmetic and tested working condition. I guarantee it will not be DOA. If you are in need of a good ESU and don’t want to spend a lot of money then this is the deal for you. Super easy to understand and use.

Comes with the Concept 9700 Console and power cord. It is a tabletop unit with a carry handle in the back. The cut and coag power are individually controlled and quickly adjusted using the knobs on the front. Easy to read LED displays. Emits two different audio tones depending on the mode with a volume control on the back. Both cut and coag can be adjusted from 1-96.

I was able to rig up a grounding plate and used a valleylab finger controlled electrode pencil to test the operation on a potatoe. It is working great in both the coagulate and cut modes. (see pics) I will send the pencil I used for testing with the machine.


· Concept Electrosurgical Generator

· Catalog No. 9700

· Serial No.- 1412

· Input: 115VAC – 50/60Hz – 7.5A

· Output Power: 130 Watts max into a 1000 ohm load

· Output Voltage: 6500 Vpp Max. Open circuit

· Active Accessory Ports (3 prong)

· Isolated Patient Port

· Indicator lights: Power, Shutdown, Cut, Coag

· Displays: Cut, Coag (1-96)

· Made in USA


This is a good working unit in excellent cosmetic condition. The plastic case is perfect with no cracks. All controls and displays are working. I was able to test the unit using a valleylab electrode pencil and temporary grounding pad on a potato. The audio control is working and so are the LED displays and controls. I have posted pictures of the unit working in both the coagulate and cut modes. Calibration and accuracy is unknown. I will send the testing electrode but not the grounding plate.




As always, I stand behind everything I sell and I guarantee this ESU Generator is exact to the pictures and description I have provided here or return it for a full refund of the purchase price.


16 ½” wide x 7” tall x 12” front to back

Power cord is 6 feet long


Weight before packing is 25.9 lbs for everything pictured.



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