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This Item is no longer available.
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This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 8 Equipment Listings matching 'LUXTEC 9300XDP Headlight' on DOTmed

For Sale LUXTEC 9300XDP Headlight

LISTING #2362359
  • Condition:
  • Used - Excellent
  • Date updated:
  • April 23, 2017
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Item Summary for LUXTEC 9300XDP Headlight

Luxtec 9300XDP 300W Xenon DUAL Headlight System
w/ 2 Ultralite Variable Spot Headsets & Stand


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This DUAL headlight system is excellent cosmetic and tested working condition. It is super nice and I guarantee it will not be DOA.  Hard to find a headlight system with two headlights that can be used simutaneously or individually. 

It is complete with the Luxtec 9300XDP 300 Watt Xenon Light Source, 2 Luxtec Ultralite Headlights (1-Soft headband, 1- Plastic headband), 2 nine foot bifurcated fiberoptic cables, operating manuals, 10' cord and Tri-anim Luxtec rolling stand.  This system is ready to use as soon as you receive it. The headlights and light source easily removes from the stand to become a countertop model.

The light heads tilt, raise, lower, swivel and have variable spot adjustments and joysticks. Both fiber optic cables are 9 feet long, original to the headsets. Both of the FO cables have minimal broken fibers, transmitting light well and do not need to be replaced. 

The light source has an intensity adjustments for both outputs and there is a switch to use one or both headlights simutaneously. Uses one xenon lamp  which is working. Both turrets have ports for Wolf-Storz-ACMI-Pilling cables. The lamp age meter is reading 0 hours on a 1000 hour lamp but actual lamp age is unknown.

The stand is new and has hanger hooks for the cord and both headlights. The stand breaks down into 4 pieces for compact storage and shipping.

Consists of-

Luxtec 9300XDP 300 Watt Xenon Dual Turret Light Source w/ manual (100-240V/47-63Hz/6.5A)(s/n 010802)
(2) Luxtec Ultralite Variable Spot Headlights w/Joysticks (1-Soft Headband, 1-Rigid Headband)
​(2) 9' Bifurcated Fiberoptic Cables
New Tri-anim rolling stand w/ Luxtec locking platform
​10 foot hospital grade cord
Excellent cosmetic and tested working condition. This system is ready to use with some sign of normal use.  The lamp is working and the lamp age meter reads 0 hours on a 1000 hour lamp but exact lamp age is unknown and unwarranted. Both headsets are preowned but in excellent operating condition. Both fiberoptic cables have minimal broken fibers, still transmitting light well and nowhere close warranting replacement. The headband adjustments are working and the variable spot adjustments are working.  The light source cooling fans are working and so is the lamp and intensity adjustments. The stand is brand new and is in good operating condition. Nice system in ready to use condition.


Overall dimensions on stand- 48” tall x 22” diameter base
Fiberoptic cables- 9 feet long
Light source- 15” wide x 6” tall x 14" front to back
Power cord- 10 feet long

I stand behind everything I sell and I guarantee this Luxtec Dual Headlight System is exact to the description and pictures I have provided here or return it for a refund.

Weight before packing is 37 lbs for everything pictured. I do not charge handling fees.



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