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This Item is no longer available.
Click here to see the 174 Equipment Listings matching 'SYSMEX KX-21 Hematology Analyzer' on DOTmed
This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 174 Equipment Listings matching 'SYSMEX KX-21 Hematology Analyzer' on DOTmed

For Sale SYSMEX KX-21 Hematology Analyzer

LISTING #948511
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  • Used - Good
  • Date updated:
  • May 29, 2012
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Item Summary for SYSMEX KX-21 Hematology Analyzer

*Analyzer is in good working condition* Please send us email to get more information.

Making things easier in clinical diagnostics through innovative, technical approaches is typical for Sysmex developments. In the KX-21N all operational components are integrated into a single compact unit including the pneumatics (420 mm width, 355 mm depth). Blood cell analysis must be simple and affordable, without compromising diagnostic accuracy and system reliability.

The KX-21N meets these requirements producing 18 parameters plus three histograms (PLT, RBC, WBC) in whole blood mode operation (8 parameters in predilute mode) at a throughput rate of 60 samples per hour. Required sample volume in whole blood mode is 50 µl and in predilute mode 20 µl. The KX-21N displays 19 parameters with both the RDW-CV and the RDW-SD being reported.

Parameters in whole blood mode include the CBC (WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT) and a 3-Part Differential leukocyte count (Lymph %, #; Neut %, #; Mixed %,#). Further parameters derived from the cell volume histograms include RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PDW, MPV, P-LCR.
Results are displayed on an LCD screen or are printed on the internal thermal printer. Interpretative software programs continuously monitor the analyses and alert for sample abnormalities with highly sensitive flags. Two easy-to-use QC programs (X-bar and L-J) are available. There is an on-board storage capacity for numerical results as well as graphical data for 300 samples on the KX-21N. Daily maintenance is extremely simple.

The Sample Rotor Valve (SRV) used in the KX-21N is a new version of the type used in high-end Sysmex analysers and precisely measures the required volume to provide accurate and reproducible test results even in extremely pathological ranges. A non-cyanide reagent is used for haemoglobin measurement.
For interfacing the KX-21N offers the possibility to connect an external printer and an external bar code reader.


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