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This Item is no longer available.
Click here to see the 19 Equipment Listings matching 'ASTEX Philips 53-S23A-64 ' on DOTmed
This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 19 Equipment Listings matching 'ASTEX Philips 53-S23A-64 ' on DOTmed

For Sale ASTEX Philips 53-S23A-64

LISTING #908056
  • Condition:
  • Used - Good
  • Date updated:
  • November 02, 2011
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Item Summary for ASTEX Philips 53-S23A-64

Philips # 452213145827 MKS/Astex 53-23A-64

This sale is for exchange only. We are the ONLY repair center world wide that is certified and trained by MKS other than MKS themselves.

Astex MRI RF amplifier for Philips 1.5 T MRI system. Has been refurbished by us to meet all manufactures specifications.

At United RF , we specialize in the calibration and repair of all ETO / ASTEX / MKS RF amplifiers. We are trained and certified .

High Power MRI Amplifier Repair

We can test and calibrate your system for optimum performance. We also repair all sub-assemblies and insure that each module meets all manufactures specifications.

We have many parts in stock

Get a repair quote today!

Reduce down time

Fast turn around

1.0 MRI Series 1.5 T MRI Series
3.0 T MRI Series

51-S21B-42 40-S23A-64 44-S26A-123
51-S21B-64 42-S23A-64 44-S26B-123
51-S21C-42 47-S23A-64 50-S26A-128
51-S21C-64 49-S23A-64 50-S26B-128
51-S22C-42 49-S24A-64 53-S26B-128
53-S21D-64 53-S23A-64
55-S21B-64 55-S23B-64
55-S21C-64 59-S23A-64

3.0T MRI Sub-assemblies and modules
ABX-X579 SSD Power Board
ABX-X544 Air Flow Monitor
ABX-X522,553,X574, X583
LED Display Board
ABX-X573 - ARX-X516 3T LVPS Regulator Board
ABX-X576 Power Supply Control Board
ABX-X578 Fuse Board
ABX-X579 IPA Input Board
ABX-X580 PA Input Borad
ABX-X588, X589 CT Burden Board
ABX-X548 3T Wattmeter Board
ABX-X551 Intergrated SSD Board
FLX-X122 RFI Filter Board
ABX-X572 HV Sense Board
ABX-X575 3T System Controller
ABX-X577 PS Snubber Board
ABX-X582 LV Filter Board
ABX-X584 3T Can Bus Interface 44-S26B-123
(Siemens Only)

ARX-X576 IPA Assembly 44-S26B-123
(Siemens Only
ARX-X430 Wattmeter Assembly 44-S26B-123
(Siemens Only
ARX-X503 SSD Assembly
ARX-X556 PA Assembly 44-S26B-123
(Siemens Only)
ARX-X501 IPA Assembly 53-S26B-128
(Philips Only)

ARX-X502 PA Assembly 53-S26B-128
(Philips Only)
ARX-X419 Bias T Assembly 50-S26B-128
(GE Only)

1.0 T MRI Sub-assemblies and modules
Model Name System
ABX-X194 LED Switch Display 52-S21
ARX-X114 PA-IPA/42 51-S21B-42
ABX-X208 PA Control Board / 51 51-S21X-XX
ABX-X260 See ABX-X208
APX-X113 LV power Supply 51-S21B-42/64
ABX-X212 56 Vdc Regulator 51-S21B-42/64
ABX-X213 Wattmeter 42 Mhz 51-S21B-42
ABX-X217 IPA Capacitor Bank XX-S21
ARX-X116 100W Solid State Driver 63.86 Mhz 55-S21-64
ABX-X225 PA Control Board 55-S21X-XX
ARX-X126 100W Solid State Driver 42.3 Mhz 51-S21C-42
ABX-X252 PA Control Board 53-S21D-XX
APX-X121 LV Power Supply / 53 53-S21D
ABX-X255 Wattmeter / 53, 42 & 64 53-S21D-XX
ABX-X432 Interconnect Board
ABX-X198 Wattmeter / 51 51-S21X-XX
ABX-X207 IPA/PA 64 Mhz 51-S21B-64
ABX-X209 IPA/PA 42 Mhz 51-S21X-42
ABX-X211 Air Flow Sensor 51-S21B-42/64
ARX-X114,115,140 PA/ IPA 51-S2XB&C-XX
ABX-X219 HV Recifier XX-S21
ABX-X218 PA Capacitor Bank
ARX-X119 PA-IPA Deck/55 64 55-S21B-64
ARX-X221 100W Solid State Driver 51- 20KW 51-S21C-64
APX-XXXX 3 Phase Power Distribution Box 53-S21D-XX
ARX-X127,128 100W Solid State Driver 53-S21D-XX
ARX-XXXX PA-IPA 42 & 64 Mhz XX-S21X-XX
ABX-X259 56 VDC Regulator 53-S21X-XX
ABX-X381 ABX-X450 System Controller XX-S21X-XX

1.5T MRI Sub-assemblies and modules
ABX-X324 LV Power Supply XX-23A / 24A-XX
BCX-X373 Input Power Controller XX-23A / 24A-XX
ABX-X376 100W Solid State Driver XX-23A / 24A-XX
ABX-X328 IPA Input baord 53-S24A-42
ABX-X327 PA-IPA Interstage 64 S32A / S24A-64
ABX-X331 PA HV Capicitor Board XX-23A / 24A-XX
BCX-X335 Bi-Directional Coupler 42/64 XX-23A / 24A-XX
ABX-X379 HV Rectifier Board XX-23A / 24A-XX
ABX-X450 System Controller 53-S23/S24
AFX-X208 RF Deck Electronics 42 Mhz 53-S24A-42
ABX-X459 LED Display Board XX-23A / 24A-XX
FLX-X117 RFI Filter Board XX-23A / 24A-XX
BCX-X480 Primary 12 Vdc power Supply 55-S23B-64
ABX-X323 PA HV Capicitor Bank XX-23A / 24A-XX
ABX-X326 IPA Input Board 53-S23A-63
ABX-X319 PA Control Board XX-23A / 24A-XX
ABX-X377 Pre-Amp 100W Solid State Driver XX-23A / 24A-XX
APX-X143 PS Deck Interconnect XX-23A / 24A-XX
ABX-X329 PA-IPA Interstage 53-S24A-42
ABX-X337 Wattmeter Detector Board S23/S24
ABX-X448 IPA Capacitor Bank XX-23A / 24A-XX
AFX-X206 RF Deck 64 Mhz 53-S23A-64
ARX-X286 Output Tube Assy. 53-S23A-64
BCX-X460 Interstage Filter Board 53/S23/S24-XX
ABX-X491 Air Flow Monitor Tach Output XX-23A / 24A-XX
APX-X158 Interconnect Assy. 55-S23B-64

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